Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the voice of His Servant?

Back to Canada

Even though I am currently in Phoenix (AZ) and I have been back from Canada for about three weeks, I will write some of my impressions from being back after about 4 years.

I went to Canada with my wife and son primarily for a wedding. Two close friends and former members of the youth group that I used to pastor in Toronto were getting married, and (amazingly :)) they invited me to speak.

I enjoyed speaking at their wedding (from Song of Songs 5) even though have been on the road (Seoul-LAX-Detroit and then I drove to Toronto after less than 4 hrs of sleep) for a very long time.

It was great to see some old friends and brothers from the churches in Toronto and Kitchener. In my opinion – not very much has changed – but I have not been there long enough to be able to come up with a mature conclusion.

The greatest change was in the children – many of whom I barely recognized.

Some of the young people are married now…Wow.

We enjoyed our fellowship time with many families there (Bona, Dragomir, Fodor, Capota, Lunga etc), but we did not have enough time to visit even 1/2 of the people we wanted (and places too).

We never made it to Montreal and Quebec City as we desired, but we did visit Niagara Falls, Casa Loma and CN Tower in Toronto (also U of T).

My wife liked Canada and I enjoyed being back there, but Korea is better 🙂

Patt is still selling books at the CRUX bookstore (at Wycliffe), but amazingly I did not buy any book. Personally I am still amazed about this.

It was great to see Dr. Brian Peckham (he is working on a History of Phoenicia for Eisenbrauns) even though he does look older and weaker.

We also had a great time with Dr. Glen Taylor who remains a great professor and Christian gentleman.

We drove back to Detroit (where we stayed at Ica’s relatives) were we caught up with old friends and my brother Tiberius. More on the US side of the story later. Meanwhile, enjoy the pics.

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