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The HEM Bible Study – An Update from Korea

Since I am away for a while I will not be writing very much on this blog.   Here is the message of Dan Berry from back home in Korea.  Praise the Lord for everything good that takes place there.


I am AWAY in the Middle East

I am away from Korea for some time learning new things about the Middle East.


First of all – my access to the net is limited here so I will not be writing very much.  In a way this is good – if I can reduce my time on the net I may get more accomplished at work (writing), and I get to spend more time with my family.  Praise the Lord! [Ashkur Allah = Thank God]


I am learning some Arabic together with my wife and also about the Muslim culture.  The whole Muslim world is celebrating Ramadan.  This means that we cannot eat out (before 7 pm and then it is very very crowded) during most of the day.  They of course eat a lot more at night. The people seem to be enjoying this religious holiday, but I have not talked to many Muslims about this.


It is an interesting and educational experience talking to the taxi drivers.  I found out that one is a secret Christian who cannot change his name (to a Christian one) for fear of being killed.  Another one told me that Israel will not exist anymore by 2022 and had a very negative attitude toward USA (he spoke English fairly well).  And yet another one cheated me about $1 on his way to break the Ramadan fast.  It is an interesting and fascinating world out here, and we are both looking forward to learn more about this fascinating part of the world.  Thank you for your prayers.


May God bless the Middle East with much SHALOM/SALAAM!


Some MYTHS and LIES about Sarah Palin

Somewhat expected – when a young, tough, fine-looking woman who does not look/act bitter (or angry) and has strong traditional values (and has become quickly a headache for the Democrats) comes out to challenge the Obama/Biden ticket – many myths about her sprung out there in the blogosphere.

The best site that dispells 7 of the most popular of these myths/lies can be found here.

So far I think that Palin does rock. She is a genuine, non-elitist, and smart American woman.  I am not worried about her in the debates, but it remains to be seen how she will handle the press, Biden etc.

Meanwhile – I stick by this statement: her experience is comparable (if not better) with that of Obama (who is the PRESIDENTIAL candidate on the Democratic ticket).  That means that the Rebublicans can still use the experience argument, while the Democrats have no right whatsoever.  It is that simple. If I have to have an unexperienced candidate – I prefer it in the VP position.

If you can’t see it, you may not be able to distinguish between the main candidate (the president who has to lead from day one) and the supporting cast.

Will Sarah Palin Rock?

Well – finally McCain has made his choice for a VP.  It came as a surprise to me and to most American people, but it seems to me that this woman has potential.  Most understand his choice either as a “stroke of genius,” or as a foolish mistake.  Only time will tell.

A few things are sure so far: the conservative base has been energized, and this is no small thing.  Even though the DNC convention was just finished, there was no significant spike in Obama’s popularity (CNN puts him basically even with McCain) – and this is unusual considering his very good speech and the fact that the Republican convention is yet to start.  Perhaps McCain’s timely announcement had an excellent effect by stealing the spotlight from the democrats.  But – back to Sarah Palin.

Of course – given Palin’s record – one of the most frequent objections (which came to my mind too) is: Is she ready to take over if McCain dies.  This is a valid and worthy objection for this choice, and many (perhaps most) are wondering about this.  In this context, with so many democrats making fun of this choice, her experience and education, I would like to point out the following things: