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From the Mouth of an Atheist – On Africa and Christianity

My cousin forwarded me this great article in the Times about an atheist’s view on Africa.  You can find it here.

The title says it all: “As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God.”  To this great title, in line with the Bible, I would change only a few of words: “As a Christian, I truly believe the whole world needs God.”  These days, in my opinion, Europe (despite its material prosperity) needs God more badly than Africa.  And so does the Middle East etc.

I urge you to pray with me for Matthew Parris, the atheist writer of this article.  May God bless him with faith.  He seems honest and humble.

In all fairness,  here are a few responses to that article.

Pastor Chris

A Great Resource – The Gospel Coalition

Following a link from my friend Marius Cruceru ( www.mariuscruceru.ro) for some sermons by Don Carson, I found this great resource for Christians: The Gospel Coalition. This is a website that is definitely worth exploring and using for your personal growth.  I just downloaded a series of 3 sermons by Don Carson on The New Perpsective on Paul.  I think it should be great to listen on this topic from one of the greatest NT scholars in the world.

You can find on this site sermons and other resources from some of the greatest Christian communicators in North America: Don Carson, John Piper, Tim Keller etc.  You can do a search by Scripture Index.  A quick search for the book of Ecclesiastes (one of my favorites) has found a series of (what looks to be) great sermons.

Take a look and let me know what you think about this.

Wadi Faynan and the Archaeology of Jordan

Last weekend (on Saturday) I had the great privilege to go on a great trip to Wadi Faynan in Jordan.  The trip was supposed to include a couple of friends living in Jordan, one from US and one from UK, but both fluent in Arabic.  Unfortunately, our friend (Chris Dawson) from UK could not make it, so only two of us drove by the ‘Cities of the Plain’ east of the Dead Sea to our destination (about 3 hrs).

When we got close to Wadi Faynan we stopped in an Arab village and Mark (the friend from US married to a Jordanian) started to negotiate for a truck to take us to Khirbat en-Nahas and a few other places.  After about 1 hour of searching and negotiations we found just the right person and truck (a Toyota 4×4) to take us there.  Our rental, given the difficult terrain, had no chance to make it that far.


On the Concept of JOY

I am somewhat obsessed with joy.  It is not that I am an especially joyful person;  but I wish to be more joyful, especially since joy is a gift of the Holy Spirit.

Well – recently I was given the chance to write an article about joy for a Bible dictionary.  I will post the text below.  I wish I had the time to do more research, and I hope to come back to this subject in much more detail (I had a limit of 800 words).

Meanwhile, before I post my text, I would like to list this relevant note from John Piper (www.desiringgod.org) about Benjamin Franklin (deist) and George Whitefield:


Treasury of Sacred Poetry – A Hymn of Heavenly Love

I am currently reading a few books.  One of them is Jesus Made in America , by Stephen Nichols.  I like it so far (I am on the chapter on Puritan Jesus).

He discusses in this chapter two Puritans: Edward Taylor and Jonathan Edwards.  The first one is less known, but seems to have been an impressive teacher/preacher and also a poet (his poems were discovered at YALE only in the past century).  I hope to read some day his poems on Christ.

In an slightly related matter – CCEL (Christian Classics Ethereal Library) has recently posted  Treasury of Sacred Poetry .  Here is an inspiring excerpt from E Spenser (A Hymn on Heavenly Love):


Back in ME – ARAD etc

Happy New Year to all the readers!  And I hope that you all had a blessed Christmas.

I am back in Jordan after a fairly long trip to Romania and Israel.  I spent Christmas with my family in Gurahont (near Arad, Romania).  Unfortunately, I did not get much rest because I had to preach (only 4-5 times) and (more time consuming) I had to finish some articles for a Bible dictionary.

They were due on December 31st…and you guessed, I did email them on that date.  Thank God that Romania is 10 hours ahead of US – so I had the extra time :):)