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An Interesting Debate: Dawkins vs. Sacks

I don’t have much time these days for posts, but I decided to post this debate between Richard Dawkins and Britain’s chief rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks.

Sacks is pretty good, but fairly week on some issues. For example, he had no idea on how to follow up on his charge of anti-Semitism. However, he did get Dawkins to apologize that he had no idea that the people who persecuted the Jews in the Middle Ages had the same view of the OT (a God of violence etc.) as he does. Frankly, I was very surprised by his complete lack of historical understanding about the Jewish people (I take him at his word that he did not know).  There is a lot to be said about this.  I hope to do it in a future post.

It is also interesting to see the encounter about “junk DNA,” as it seems fairly clear that Dawkins changed his view on this, but the Rabbi did not know to press him on this. See for example thisanalysis by David Klinghoffer.


From the Mouth of an Atheist – On Africa and Christianity

My cousin forwarded me this great article in the Times about an atheist’s view on Africa.  You can find it here.

The title says it all: “As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God.”  To this great title, in line with the Bible, I would change only a few of words: “As a Christian, I truly believe the whole world needs God.”  These days, in my opinion, Europe (despite its material prosperity) needs God more badly than Africa.  And so does the Middle East etc.

I urge you to pray with me for Matthew Parris, the atheist writer of this article.  May God bless him with faith.  He seems honest and humble.

In all fairness,  here are a few responses to that article.

Pastor Chris

A Narcissist God?

One recent person accused  God of being a narcissist.  She said in a comment:

“…and believing in god ( your higher power) is stupid because he paints a superior image of himself. when really all he is is a narcissist.”

This is an understandable accusation – and people like John Piper (and other Reformed people) have been accused about worshiping a narcissist God.  The reformed people, in line with the Reformed tradition – teach that “the chief end of man is to glorify God.”


I Don’t Believe in Atheists

Here is an article worth reading…It is sure to annoy both Atheists and Christian fundamentalists…


I especially like this passage: