Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the voice of His Servant?

About me

This is the blog of a man who wants to be a servant of the Lord (evedyahu means the servant of the Lord in Hebrew).     Only one was the Servant of the Lord –  Jesus Christ.

I was born in Romania, educated in Romania (never finished HS, but I took the GED in US), US, and Canada.                         I currently teach in Korea.  I also taught in the USA and the Middle East.

I have a great wife (Viorica) and two rowdy children: Isaiah Christian and David Calvin (born 500 years to the month after Jean Calvin)!  I would not consider myself a strong Calvinist, but I lean toward the Reformed faith.

I teach various subjects related to the Old Testament and Semitic Languages at Torch Trinity in Seoul, Korea (www.ttgst.ac.kr).

A former first love of mine was archaeology (I am slowly coming back to it) and I excavated at Tel Miqne (ancient Ekron), Megiddo, Tel Zeitah, Dan, and in Jordan.  The Dan excavation was cut short by the 2006 war with Lebanon!

I like sports and I play fairly well soccer (not so much since I tore my ACL last year), volleyball, tennis, basketball, etc.

I like the outdoors (though I haven’t seen much of that lately) and trout fishing (though I am a beginner).

I was raised as a Romanian Baptist in Resita, Romania!


One response

  1. Valentin Rada

    Sad indeed. It would be interesting how the rights of the Christian minority will change with all the unrest in the middle east…

    March 2, 2011 at 11:55 pm

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