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Remember Those Who Are in Chains – Orissa

I come from a country where Christians were once (not too long ago) persecuted.  In fact – one of the most famous Christians (Jewish too) who was persecuted for Christ is Richard Wurmbrand.  After he was released from prison (really ‘bought/ransomed’ by Norwegian Christians) he founded Jesus to the Communist World (now this is VOM – Voice of Martyrs), an organization that is still working to help “those who are in chains” throughout the whole world.

I am writing this brief message because I just received the news that there is serious violence in Orissa, India.  One of our students sent the following message:


Digging in God’s Country

As some of you know, I excavated several years in the Holy Land.  I didn’t find much ( 😦 ), but I learned some and I (mostly) enjoyed the experience.  One could say that archaeology is a past love of mine.  I am still interested and mildly attracted to archaeology – but I certainly lost “that loving feeling.”

In any case- there are still many who seem to be in love with this discipline and who still dig in “God’s country.”  Some of the diggers have found a treasure from the Second Temple period close to Jerusalem (at Ramat Rahel).

For a very interesting video presentation of this see here.  I am still waiting for the ark, or the library at Hazor 🙂

China 2008 and Christianity

As I promised yesterday in Church – I am posting a link to a guide to pray for China and the olympics.  The guide can be found here., and a short explanation can be found on  John Piper’s site.  Even if you do not follow this guide and prefer to pray for your own (Korean, Romanian, American, Canadian etc) athletes, let’s pray for China and religious freedom during the Olympics.

Also – this morning I was ordering the books for the upcoming study (Growing Your Faith – by Jerry Bridges) and I got lured into checking our some of the debates with the New Atheists (Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens).  Besides many interesting books that I discovered (perhaps a post on this some other time), I think that you will find useful to read this (free)  debate between C. Hitchens and Doug Wilson.

The debate is in five parts and discusses the question, “Is Christianity Good for the World?”  I only read the first part, but I think that all of you will find the exchange very useful.

Blessings and JOY,

Pastor Chris

TV and Sex – No Surprises Here

Perhaps I should have entitled this post: “Another Reason Why You Should Kill Your Television!” For I have mostly killed mine and the news that I just read (see below) only strenghtens my decison. 

I “killed” mine by disconnecting the cable, so I can only watch selected DVDs (and that is not very often since Isaiah came on the scene 🙂 ).

The news that I am talking about can be found here.  It seems that “Marriage gets little respect on network TV shows that instead revel in the pleasures of extramarital and even kinky sex, according to a study released Tuesday.”

The whole study is really disturbing: