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Abstinence Education in the News

Put this one in the pile of cases where ‘research’ confirms what common sense could have told you a long time ago!

The House Energy & Commerce Health Subcommittee released a report on Friday entitled A Better Approach to Teenage Pregnancy Prevention: Sexual Risk Avoidance. The report makes it clear that abstinence education is the best approach when it comes to the different approaches for teaching sex education to teenagers.

How surprising! NOT!

For more detail and relevant links see this fine post.

Other studies (see the link above) have shown that abstaining from sex before marriage, and even limiting the number of partners, helps marriages to be more stable and also more intimate.

Back in Town…

After a very long break (traveling from Detroit to Phoenix via Chicago, Madison, St. Paul, Sioux Falls, Jackson, Ft. Collins, Denver, Santa Fe…) I am back in town (well – my parents’ town).

It was not the easiest thing to travel with 2 small kids, but it was certainly fun and educational.

USA is a great and beautiful country – especially the places we had a chance to visit.

The following are just a few of the highlights: a great boat trip on Chicago river with Mike Barak, driving through Wisconsin and Minnesota, Mt. Rushmore (South Dakota), Jackson (WY) and Yellostone, and Estes Park in CO.

Should I have a choice for a summer ranch – I would definitely choose Teton Village in Wyoming…Wyoming also looks  great for hunting (I must have seen over 200 deer – including their relatives) and fishing…God’s creation is just amazing, especially in Wyoming, Colorada, etc.

Isaiah loves fishing (we just went again [after Estes Park] a couple of days ago in AZ) and we love eating the fish that my wife cooks (honey – I promise next time we will catch enough so you can eat too :))!

Seeing Craig Huston was a highlight.  Craig was my roommate for about 4 years in college and is now working for HP in Fort Collins.  Unfortunately, he has 2 broken toes from his latest climbing trip…but he will still go on a mission/ministry trip to Greenland! For me – Craig is a true symbol of the hard working American, and humble Christian worker.  Praise the Lord.

The highlight – however – was my brief visit to Bethlehem Baptist Church where I took some pictures and (more important) I bought some good books.

I hope to share soon some of the good books that I got there.  For a starter, see The Trials of Theology. Only the Luther’s chapter on oratio – meditatio – tentatio is well worth the price of the book.

I am writing from an air conditioned library in Peoria, AZ…for without AC, you are a dead man in AZ! 🙂

Trying to catch up on some of my studies and research…before our next trout fishing trip next Monday (or Tuesday?).  Now that I got two new rods (one broke last week as I caught a trout less than 2 lbs!!!) with insurance (they will replace it if it breaks in 2 years :)) – I think we are ready to fish (even if it is in a trout farm)! OF course – the trout farm is for Isaiah, not for an experienced fisherman like me! 🙂

Isaiah: When are we going to fisherman? Of course – he is the fisherman! 🙂

Prominent Abortion Provider Killed in Church

A sad thing happened (and it is all over the news) yesterday when Tiller, a prominent provider of late term abortions, was gunned down in his church on Sunday.

See this interview with Tiller on FOXnews. This interview gives considerable support to the accusations brought against Tiller and justify his nickname “Tiller the baby killer.”


Marine Removed for “Proselytizing’

A Marine was removed from duty for handing out in Iraq coins which contained Bible verses.  The story can be found here.



Perhaps most of you heard the news that gay marriage will soon be legal in California (this is the state to which I immigrated more than 20 years ago). Somewhat expectedly the news was met with both joy and outrage.  Many gays in California and in the rest of the nations seem very happy (most perhaps do not really care since they have no plans to ‘marry’), while many conservatives call this an ‘outrage.’  At least this is the word that James Dobson used.



NATO in Romania 

President Bush is in Romania (where I was born) for a meeting with NATO allies, and he is calling for NATO expansion.  More specifically – he is trying to convince the other allies that Georgia and Ukraine should be allowed to join.  There is opposition both inside and outside.  The most vocal opponent – not surprisingly – is Russia.  Other countries (e.g. Germany) also seem to be against this expansion – for “the sake of balance.”

In my opinion – Bush is right.  The Cold War is over – and the expansion is not a threat to Russia.  At least  – it is not an offensive threat.  The only “threat” is defensive.  What do I mean by that?


Wow – You Can Teach the Bible in USA

Wow – sometimes I almost feel like I am back in communist Romania.  At least that is how I felt when I read that the Texas Board of Education approved an elective Bible course for High School (see the link below).  Is this supposed to me a major breakthrough? 

When I grew up in Romania you were barely allowed to teach the Bible in Churces.  After the fall of communism – it became an elective in most schools (as far as I know).  I guess that Texas now follows in the same direction.

Frankly – I do not see why some have any objection to the teaching of this course.  After all – the course is clearly elective.  If you do not want to take it – you can go to the gym!

Then again – in a country where “the separation between church and state” is used in many cases to limit religion to one’s private bedroom (as if religion is not an integral part of one’s whole life), perhaps this is a breakthrough.  The Bible is back in (s0me) schools.  Of course – only if you want to study it.  And that is the way it should be. 


EXPELLED – Living with a New Kind of Fear

Of course everybody heard about Galileo Galilei.  The poor fellow (who actually remained a devoted Christian to the end of his life) was denounced as a heretic by the church of Rome, even though he was right about the planets revolving around the sun and not the earth.  It was a kind of ‘sacred cow’ at that time that everything revolved around the earth…to succeed and stay respectable, one had to go with the flow.

What much fewer people know and believe is that a similar phenomenon (but in reverse) is taking place in our free and enlightened 21st century society.  Only today the sacred cow is Darwinism.  If you dare to question it and try to publish something that undermines this theory – you will end up being a ‘heretic.’ 

To be sure – it is a new kind of heretic.  It is not one that will have to fear the excommunication of the church, but one that will have to fear EXPULSION from the “tolerant and loving” academic community.

Tolerant and loving if you do not touch their sacred cows – in this case the theory of evolution.  Well – a new movie is coming out which documents this development.

More information about this movie is given below (and the link to the trailer of the movie).  It will surprise you.  And if you happen to question evolution – prepare to be “excommunicated”.  Only this time is not the church, it is the academic clergy.


Help Our Brothers From Union University

As many of you know – there has been a terrible tornado in the United States with the loss of many lives.  These tornadoes also had a devastating effect on Union University (a Christian University from Tennessee).  For more information about this and how you can help, see the following link:  http://almohler.com/blog_read.php?id=1093