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Archive for July 21, 2008


Here is a bit of news of interest to Bible students.  I just pick it up from Yahoo.  I am especially interested in seeing the Old Testament portions.

No further comments because I am in vacation and I do not have the time 🙂 

BERLIN (Reuters) – More than 1,600 years after it was written in Greek, one of the oldest copies of the Bible will become globally accessible online for the first time this week.

From Thursday, sections of the Codex Sinaiticus, which contains the oldest complete New Testament, will be available on the Internet, said the University of Leipzig, one of the four curators of the ancient text worldwide.

High resolution images of the Gospel of Mark, several Old Testament books, and notes on the work made over centuries will appear on www.codex-sinaiticus.net as a first step towards publishing the entire manuscript online by next July.

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