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Back in Town…

After a very long break (traveling from Detroit to Phoenix via Chicago, Madison, St. Paul, Sioux Falls, Jackson, Ft. Collins, Denver, Santa Fe…) I am back in town (well – my parents’ town).

It was not the easiest thing to travel with 2 small kids, but it was certainly fun and educational.

USA is a great and beautiful country – especially the places we had a chance to visit.

The following are just a few of the highlights: a great boat trip on Chicago river with Mike Barak, driving through Wisconsin and Minnesota, Mt. Rushmore (South Dakota), Jackson (WY) and Yellostone, and Estes Park in CO.

Should I have a choice for a summer ranch – I would definitely choose Teton Village in Wyoming…Wyoming also looks  great for hunting (I must have seen over 200 deer – including their relatives) and fishing…God’s creation is just amazing, especially in Wyoming, Colorada, etc.

Isaiah loves fishing (we just went again [after Estes Park] a couple of days ago in AZ) and we love eating the fish that my wife cooks (honey – I promise next time we will catch enough so you can eat too :))!

Seeing Craig Huston was a highlight.  Craig was my roommate for about 4 years in college and is now working for HP in Fort Collins.  Unfortunately, he has 2 broken toes from his latest climbing trip…but he will still go on a mission/ministry trip to Greenland! For me – Craig is a true symbol of the hard working American, and humble Christian worker.  Praise the Lord.

The highlight – however – was my brief visit to Bethlehem Baptist Church where I took some pictures and (more important) I bought some good books.

I hope to share soon some of the good books that I got there.  For a starter, see The Trials of Theology. Only the Luther’s chapter on oratio – meditatio – tentatio is well worth the price of the book.

I am writing from an air conditioned library in Peoria, AZ…for without AC, you are a dead man in AZ! 🙂

Trying to catch up on some of my studies and research…before our next trout fishing trip next Monday (or Tuesday?).  Now that I got two new rods (one broke last week as I caught a trout less than 2 lbs!!!) with insurance (they will replace it if it breaks in 2 years :)) – I think we are ready to fish (even if it is in a trout farm)! OF course – the trout farm is for Isaiah, not for an experienced fisherman like me! 🙂

Isaiah: When are we going to fisherman? Of course – he is the fisherman! 🙂