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Back from ETS and SBL

I finally made it back to Amman, with a few more books and a lot less money.  There were many memorable moments during this trip – I will mention here only some highlights. 

I did get to meet John Piper.  That is right – I briefly shook his hand as he was browsing at ETS through the Christian Focus publications.  The conversation was brief (I kind of froze 😦 ), but it is still something to brag about. 🙂

We also had a wonderful dinner at ETS with (most of?) the Romanians present there.  I got the pleasure to meet Sorin Sabou (El-Roi Romanian Baptist Church in Chicago) and Adonis Vidu (Gordon-Conwell).  I also enjoyed the time with ‘older’ friends: Emil Bartos, George Hancock Stefan, and Radu Gheorghita. 


Stuck in Washington, DC

Here I am on my way back from US to Amman.  The problem is that I am stuck in DC.  The airline (which will remain unnamed) delayed the flight from Boston enough that I lost the connection in DC to London…and they would not provide a hotel room because the delay was due to bad weather (??). 


The Pursuit of Holiness

The following is a fine summary of chaptr 10 of Jeff Bridges’ book: Growing Your Faith.  The summary was written by Scott Moulton.

A good chapter.  Short, concise, not too wordy.  Bridges sets up his first identifying point of the “growing Christian” as “the pursuit of holiness”.  He underlines the fact that we are all as Christians called to be holy.  Not just the pastors and missionaries and small group leaders, all…’that includes you in the back, sitting by the door.’ This is not a suggestion but a grave imperative that Bridges is casting light on.  And he does this through his discussion on the mortification – or putting to death – of sin.  Weighty stuff and there’s good supporting verse in Romans 8:13:  “If you live according to the flesh you will die, but if you live by the Spirit, you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live.”