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Study Guide

See the following file for a Study Guide for Poetical Books etc:


If You Are Voting in This Election…

Here we are getting ready to vote.  And I must admit – it does not look good.  It seems that Obama will win.  Not that I am excited about McCain/Palin – but they seem to me to be the better of two above average (?) choices.

In this connection – it helped me very much to read an article by Pastor John Piper about voting.  You can find it here.

Once again – he is right on. This is an excellent article not only about voting, but how to live our lives as Christians in general.

He ends the article like this:

“By all means vote. But remember: “The world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever” (1 John 2:17).”

Pastor Chris

The Whiterspoon Institute – Obama and Abortion

I found this new website (from Al Mohler) that I think is very useful: The Witherspoon Institute.  You should try to read especially the articles by Robert George (Professor at Princeton U) about Obama and abortion.  It is scary and I honestly do not see how any Christian can vote for a person with such an extreme position on abortion!  In fact – I honestly and with real grief doubt that such a person can call himself a Christian.  I know that there are so many other issues out there, but isn’t this the most urgent? The saving of millions of lives of the innocent and unborn?? God have mercy!


A Procedure for Exegesis

I am posting this for the benefit of students of Hebrew exegesis.

I received it from my brother, and it seems to belong to Kenneth Matthews.

I hope that it is useful to all who take a look at it.




HEM Bible Study – The Holy Spirit

I am glad to hear (from Scott) that the Bible study at HEM is going forward very well.  (It seems that it is going on better without me 🙂 – Praise the Lord).  Our small group is studying the book of Jerry Bridges Growing Your Faith.  Here is an excellent update from Scott Moulton: