Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the voice of His Servant?


The Beginning of Wisdom

As I am preparing to teach Proverbs I try to search for wisdom as much as I can.  Wisdom has always fascinated me, not only because I am missing it (:)), but also because I am attracted by sages.

Sometimes wisdom is found in unlikely places.  This time I found some with Leon Kass who was born to Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe (maybe Romania?). He wrote a book that caught my attention: The Beginning of Wisdom: Reading Genesis.

While I have not read the whole book, what he says in the introduction shows me that he is a wise man. He understands what many intelligent and scientifically minded people have missed.


Ang again ‘EXPELLED”

A few weeks ago I wrote a brief post about the upcoming documentary of Ben Stein: “Expelled”. Today I ran into an interesting blog which discusses the participation of Dawkins to a screening of this movie. The blog also has some useful links to more info about “Expelled.” It is interesting (though not surprising) that the blog got many hateful and obscene comments (which were wisely not approved by the host: Jeffrey Overstreet). See the post here:


It seems from the debate that some of the scientists interviewed were misled about the purpose of the movie etc. This is certainly wrong and unfortunate. However – I am wondering if the answers that they give in the interviews would have changed (or would have had to change) if the purpose of the movie is different? I think that the purpose of a movie should be irrelevant to the answers that I give to a question – as long as the question and answer are placed in the right context and are not misinterpreted. Isn’t that true?

P.S. For a response where “Ruloff explains how interviews were obtained with top Darwinists including Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers, and dispels claims that trickery and deception were used” – see


EXPELLED – Living with a New Kind of Fear

Of course everybody heard about Galileo Galilei.  The poor fellow (who actually remained a devoted Christian to the end of his life) was denounced as a heretic by the church of Rome, even though he was right about the planets revolving around the sun and not the earth.  It was a kind of ‘sacred cow’ at that time that everything revolved around the earth…to succeed and stay respectable, one had to go with the flow.

What much fewer people know and believe is that a similar phenomenon (but in reverse) is taking place in our free and enlightened 21st century society.  Only today the sacred cow is Darwinism.  If you dare to question it and try to publish something that undermines this theory – you will end up being a ‘heretic.’ 

To be sure – it is a new kind of heretic.  It is not one that will have to fear the excommunication of the church, but one that will have to fear EXPULSION from the “tolerant and loving” academic community.

Tolerant and loving if you do not touch their sacred cows – in this case the theory of evolution.  Well – a new movie is coming out which documents this development.

More information about this movie is given below (and the link to the trailer of the movie).  It will surprise you.  And if you happen to question evolution – prepare to be “excommunicated”.  Only this time is not the church, it is the academic clergy.



Here I am reading in the morning an article about man (scientist J. Craig Venter) claiming to be close to creating life.  It got my attention – especially since I thought that others already claimed that before.  In the evening I cannot find the article anymore – but I find the TIME magazine version: http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1706552,00.html.  This article was titled: Scientist CREATES Life – ALMOST.  (I was glad it did not add – ex nihilo:):)

You read the headlines – and you wonder.  Did man really create life?  Did the scientists really come close? Well – it looks like it was another attempt by the media to get you to read their article.  In any case it worked with me.

Anyway…I keep reading this article, and it turns out that Venter did not really create life…and he may not be that close either:

 The chromosome which Venter and his team has created is known as Mycoplasma laboratorium and, in the final step of the process, will be transplanted into a living cell where it should “take control,” effectively becoming a new life form.

Aha…so this creation of Venter has to be transplanted into a LIVING cell….and then it may become a new life form.  Does not sound that impressive anymore…and it certainly DOES NOT sound like Venter created life.  Does it? Well – let’s let the experts say it:

Eckard Wimmer, professor of molecular biology at New York University, said it was clear from Venter’s study that the team had not yet created artificial life.

He said he was left with “the unpleasant feeling whether or not the synthetic DNA was indeed proper and able for biological function.”

His fears were echoed by Helen Wallace, a biologist and spokeswoman for GeneWatch UK, who said that while Venter’s team has managed a technical feat, it is some way from being artificial life.

Venter is not God … He’s a long way from creating life,” she told AFP.

I could not have put it any better!  Real life is in the Author of Life (Acts 3:15) – Jesus Christ.

I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this? (John 11:25-26) I hope and pray that you do!

For a shorter version of the article on creating life see HERE:


For a Christian scientific analysis compare: http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/2007/10/08/created-new-life