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Life in Korea – Vivaldi Park

We just got back from a short trip/vacation to Vivaldi Park (http://www.daemyungresort.com/vp/)- less than 2 hrs from Seoul.  It was quite an experience, especially since my sister-in-law and her husband came with us.  They were visiting Korea for the first time .  (My brother-in-law can swear that he is the first person from his village who ever visited Korea 🙂 ).

It was a great and relaxing experience.  Vivaldi Park has good skiing, and also Ocean World – a place which is open year-round.  First day we went skiing.  It was NOT Utah (that is one of the last places where I skied before coming to Korea), but the slopes were good and the ski lifts very efficient.  I say that because I have never seen before a ski lift that can carry 8 people at one time.  You can imagine that shortened the lines for the ski lift quite a bit.

Ocean World was very helpful and much necessary after a day of skiing.  It is a place where you can play in the water – but most important – get all kinds of water-massages, cold and hot water, sauna etc.  I have not seen anything like this in the States (it may well be available but I suppose for a lot more money -?), and the prices were reasonable – especially if you have 40-50% coupons – as we did. 

Isaiah had a love/hate relationship with the water.  He likes water a lot, but after a while he seemed to have had too much.  It might have been the noise too (it is noisy with all the water streams and falls inside).  Ocean World is fascinating and exciting, not only for the plethora of pools available, but also because the interior copies very well many monuments and paintings of ancient Egypt. 

In any case – if you are in Korea and if you are looking for a nice place to ski, or simply to relax around water – Vivaldi Park should be a top destination.  It is well worth the short drive from Seoul.

Having a Bad Day???

It is all a matter of perspective.  Someone said: “I felt bad about my shoes because they were too tight (or because they were not ADIDAS 🙂 ), but then I saw someone who did not even have feet…” Maybe I feel bad because my car is in the shop…but there are so many who will never ever be able to even buy a car… Maybe you had a really tough day at work (or on the playground)…Well, take heart – some have a much much harder time than you …  🙂 – as you can see in the following clip!

EXPELLED – Living with a New Kind of Fear

Of course everybody heard about Galileo Galilei.  The poor fellow (who actually remained a devoted Christian to the end of his life) was denounced as a heretic by the church of Rome, even though he was right about the planets revolving around the sun and not the earth.  It was a kind of ‘sacred cow’ at that time that everything revolved around the earth…to succeed and stay respectable, one had to go with the flow.

What much fewer people know and believe is that a similar phenomenon (but in reverse) is taking place in our free and enlightened 21st century society.  Only today the sacred cow is Darwinism.  If you dare to question it and try to publish something that undermines this theory – you will end up being a ‘heretic.’ 

To be sure – it is a new kind of heretic.  It is not one that will have to fear the excommunication of the church, but one that will have to fear EXPULSION from the “tolerant and loving” academic community.

Tolerant and loving if you do not touch their sacred cows – in this case the theory of evolution.  Well – a new movie is coming out which documents this development.

More information about this movie is given below (and the link to the trailer of the movie).  It will surprise you.  And if you happen to question evolution – prepare to be “excommunicated”.  Only this time is not the church, it is the academic clergy.


HEBREW for Christians

Thanks to Google and friends – one can find out about new and exciting websites at any time. This one I found out from a friend who studies in a seminary in Romania.  It is a site that introduces Christians to Hebrew and related matters.  It is really really good. 

It is perhaps the best site I have seen for kindling a genuine love for the Hebrew language, and also for its resources.  I highly recommend it: www.hebrew4christians.com

So – if you would like to learn Hebrew (it has excellent graphics and all kinds of study aids), listen to pronounciation, read some fine meditations, benedictions, and even some Jewish humor – this is the site to go to.


Some advice for Valentine’s Day

Here it is again – February 14th –  Valentine’s Day.  This is supposed to be a day for the celebration of love, a day when we share precious moments and/or send loving greetings to our loved ones. 

 Since I am not a romantic (though I am trying) – I feel inadequate to give much advice for this special day.  So I will stick with only some advice.

 If you have a blog – don’t spend the day writing blogs on this special day!  At least do NOT write a long one 🙂

If you don’t have a blog – don’t spend your time reading blogs.  At least NOT mine!

I have to go – this blog is getting too long (I am ignoring my own advice), and I better spend more time with the loved ones 🙂 🙂

I pray that you will all have a blessed Valentine.  If you do not receive much love, seek to give. 

There are enough people out there who need LOVE today and for the rest of their lives. 

If you do not have love to give, go to the Source.  And do not forget – God loves you if you are His child.

1John 4:19 We love because he first loved us.

Love in Christ, 

Pastor Chris

Help Our Brothers From Union University

As many of you know – there has been a terrible tornado in the United States with the loss of many lives.  These tornadoes also had a devastating effect on Union University (a Christian University from Tennessee).  For more information about this and how you can help, see the following link:  http://almohler.com/blog_read.php?id=1093

The Library of Christian Classics in Romanian

We are working and thinking about a project for the purpose of making available in Romanian as many of the Christian classics as possible. The intention is to have available in Romanian a website similar to that found at http://www.ccel.org. That website (in English) is huge and has mostly classics whose copyrights have expired – so their posting for free is not a problem. Our website (probably at SlavaDomnului.org) will start with some of the most basic writings: The Institutes of the Christian Religion and the commentaries on the Bible by Calvin, The Matthew Henry Commentary on the whole Bible, Spurgeon’s Treasury of David, some of the writings of Jonathan Edwards etc.

The website will look something like this http://www.axa-telecom.ro/joom/ (this is just a demo). The intention is to help Romanian Christians who cannot read English and/or other languages to have access to some of these Christian classics.

To accomplish this project – which will be ongoing for many many years – we need (first of all) God’s help, some sponsors for the volumes to be published, good translators, and a good web designer and administrator. All the books available online will be free and will be downloadable (usually in pdf).
Anybody can sponsor a project or part of one. For example – the Matthew Henry Commentary is a huge project because it covers the whole Bible. This commentary has at least 2000 pages and may be a project too costly to be sponsored by one single person. Even though we will try to work with volunteers, most likely we will have to pay professionals to get good quality translations. Since it is estimated that it will cost us aproximately $200 to translate a decent size book (we are working on finding the exact prices – I may be completely wrong here) – one person may want to sponsor the publication of only one volume (e.g. The Commentary on Genesis by Calvin etc.).

We will let you know more about this soon. Meanwhile – I would appreciate some input on this project.

Can you help by sponsoring a volume? Can you help us find a good translator? Do you have any suggestions for some of the classics to be translated? Do you think that this project will be useful for Romania?
Blessings and JOY to all.

Islam and Peace – Part III

I finished my article on The Concept of Peace in the Old Testament and Islam. I am not satisfied with it, especially the part about Islam. But I had to meet a deadline (pushed back a few times already) – so I turned it in the way it was. The complete article can be found under ARTICLES.

Is Islam a religion of peace? I will let you be the judge of that.

The main term for peace in Hebrew and the Old Testament is the well-known term shalom. The equivalent term in Arabic is salam.They are cognates (both languages are Semitic). And interestingly enough – they both cover a rather similar “range of meaning” which has to do with wholenessness, well-being, peace, and welfare.

Both terms are used in greetings (so they can simply mean: “How are you?”), are the opposite of war, and they seem to be connected with prosperity and safety. The main differences have to do with how that shalom/salam is achieved.