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I have been away from this blog for quite sometime.  I just came from an amazing trip (by boat) through most of the Grand Canyon (190 miles).  Of course – we had no access to the internet, phones etc.  Before that I was in Canada, Detroit and California.  I hope to come back with some details and photos soon. 

Many blessings and joy to all!

P.S. Spain won the Euro 2008.  I think that the better team has won.

EURO 2008 – Romania vs. France

Here I am in Korea after watching the first half of the game…and it is almost 2:00 am here.  This is one thing Europeans should know about moving to the far east – most games from Europe will be very late, or early in the morning…If you want to watch some games from the States (like the Lakers or the Super Bowl), those are usually in the morning.

In any case – the game is fairly boring (as my brother Tiberius pointed out on SKYPE), but it understandable that both teams are cautious (it is 0-0 at the half).  I assume that both teams will take more risks and attack in the second half, but Romania looks content with a tie (?).

If I do not write tomorrow about this game – it is probably because Romania lost.  In any case – it is just a game!!!  Things have to be put into perspective.  When there are so many people who suffer in darkness and misery, who cares if Romania wins or loses? Even more – who cares who wins Euro 2008?

There are definitely more important issues to deal with.  Meanwhile – GO ROMANIA!!!

Some New Resources for Hebrew

Some new and very good resources for teaching and studying the Hebrew language can be found here.