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Reading the Bible with the Reformers – Timothy George

Even though I was raised in a Romanian Baptist family without any access to the church fathers or the reformers (it was under communism when Christian literature was very scarce), I was attracted toward them from the very beginning.  While many of the church fathers are usually associated with the Orthodox Church which was understood as being (mostly) dead in Romania when I grew up as a Baptist, there is no doubt in my mind that many of the writings of the church fathers are still very useful for the church.  After all, the Holy Spirit has a history, and to read the Bible with the church fathers, the Reformers, and the Puritans is like having a bible study across the centuries.


Some Guidelines for Theological Engagement

This is a brief note to point out a few great articles by Tim Keller on theological engagement.

The first one is entitled Gospel Polemics.

The second one gives Three Rules for Polemics.

And the last one gives some very good guidelines from the the 17th century Scottish divine George Gillespie on how to Be Winsome and Persuasive .

I find all that I read very useful for any kind (not only theological) of debates and discussions.

A New Blog: Preaching the Psalms

By God’s grace I am planning to preach from the Psalter (selected psalms) for the next few months (years?).

In connection with this I opened a new blog: Preaching the Psalms where I plan to post my notes and (hopefully) audio sermons.

These days I am preaching at Wangsung English Ministry . Feel free to visit us! 🙂

Please visit my blog and leave your comments and suggestions. If you have some links to great messages on the Psalter, please let me know. I especially like the sermons of Dick Lucas (St Helen’s) at this point.

I hope and pray that my notes will be useful to English speaking workers who do not have access to the resources I have.

Persecuted Christians

Open Doors has just posted the World Watch List.  Much prayer is needed especially for North Korea, Iran, etc.

You can see the World Watch List  here .

Here is some more information from the Open Doors website:

Each year Open Doors releases the World Watch List, a detailed analysis of Christian persecution worldwide. In this free resource, countries are evaluated and ranked according to the severity of persecution that occurred in the past year.

We offer the World Watch List free as part of our mission at Open Doors to inform and inspire others with the message of the persecuted. Join the cause of the persecuted and share the World Watch List with your friends and family.