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On Television, Preaching, Nudity, etc.

There is an excellent article by John Piper in the Taste and See series of Desiring God ministries about television.

You can Read it on their website.

I strongly recommend that you read this, because he does an excellent job in answering the following question:

“Piper says get rid of my TV, and Driscoll says buy extra DVRs.  How do you reconcile this difference?”

This quote alone is worth your time:

“I think relevance in preaching hangs very little on watching movies, and I think that much exposure to sensuality, banality, and God-absent entertainment does more to deaden our capacities for joy in Jesus than it does to make us spiritually powerful in the lives of the living dead. Sources of spiritual power—which are what we desperately need—are not in the cinema. You will not want your biographer to write: Prick him and he bleeds movies.”

You can also read full article below:



I am in the process of writing an article about PEACE in Islam and Christianity.  I have not done very much research yet – but I think that Islam is going “to lose” in this one.  However – I would like (and will try) to be as unbiased as possible.  Of course – I write as a Christian.  In any case – any comments or suggestions to clarify this suject are welcome.  SHALOM/Salaam