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A Great Offer From LOGOS

Thanks to  Philip Sumpter, I found out about a new offer from LOGOS.

Without his permission (though I am sure he would not mind), I post his message below.

LOGOS has come up with yet another mouth watering pre-pub offer which just makes me yearn … for money to be able to afford it all! This time its a large section of the so-called Continental Commentary Series, though I’m not entirely sure why it’s called “continental” and not just “German” (does “German” critical scholarship raise too many negative associations?).

So anyway, it costs $300 dollars instead of the Logos sale price of $600. If there is a random philanthropist out there looking for a budding Old Testament scholar to support, leave a note in the comments and I’ll send you my back details.

I especially like his last sentence, though I doubt that too many random philanthropists are roaming around, especially these days! 🙂

A New Movie – Calling

I post a message received from our dean JS Lee:

“I would like to share a precious information with you. It is about a documentary movie called, “Calling 소명” which is about a Korean missionary couple. This movie is playing at selected theaters only for a limited time, so I wish you make time to watch this touching story of a Korean missionary couple whose commitment and sacrifice for a small tribe in Amazon area are quite extraordinary. You can find more information at http://blog.paran.com/calling2009 I know Apgujung CGV plays this until May 6, but only once a day. However, 중앙시네마 (near 명동성당) plays several times a day until May 10 (maybe even after that, but I don’t know). I think it would be good to share this information with our students, your church members, and of course your family and friends. This way we may contribute a bit to Christian film makers.”

I hope to go and see it.  You should try to see it too!

Pastor Chris

For Your Prayer List – Add Hugh Hefner

Well, well, well – I never thought that I would add Hugh to my prayer list (though it is clear that he needs it more than most).

The infamous Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy etc., was actually raised in a good Methodist home.  The rest is history.

Hugh is one of those famous stars who seems to remain perennially immature, and has not figured out yet (though he is 83) that “he can get no satisfaction” (he has tried plenty] from human beings (aka “playmates”) regardless of the size of their breasts.

Having said that, there seems to an awakening in his soul.  There seems to be a longing in his heart to meet the only superstar that really counts and can satisfy.  Thus, he recently said (check out Foxnews):

“[I’d] like to find out what [Jesus Christ] was all about,” he added. “Separate the reality from mythology. Find out the roots of what has become a major religion of my time. I was raised in a good Methodist home and I had questions about organized religion, and I would love to have the answers.”

Let’s pray for Hugh that he meets the real Jesus Christ.  For it is only the real Jesus Christ who can change his life and really satisfy his heart!

The article for his quote is here: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,518219,00.html


This year the Good Friday Service for English Ministries will be held on April 10 at 7:30 pm at Onnuri Church in the Seobinggo Campus.

Please see the following link for directions to the Seobinggo campus (just north of the Han river).

We hope to see most of you there.

Seobinggo Campus Directions.

COME worship together the work of the CROSS of CHRIST!