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Jason Meyer to Succeed John Piper vs. Romanian Baptist Churches

Many of you know that I esteem and I learned very much from John Piper.  The fact that his church, together with him, seem to have a solid plan for transition enhances my esteem for this brother in Christ.

See the following posts on the transition at Bethlehem:one, two, and three. The second post has a clip with Jason Meyer preaching. And here is his CV.  From what I have read, he seems like an excellent choice.  I guess my own regret is that they continue with an NT major and not with an OT! 🙂

From reading some of these posts it is amazing to see how well the transition is being planned and the attitude of the ‘retiring’ John Piper.

I say amazed because I come from a tradition (Romanian Baptist) where these kinds of transitions and attitudes from older pastors are almost entirely missing.  In fact, I can think of only one Romanian Baptist Church with well-known pastors where the transition has been smooth (the one in Los Angeles/La Habra).

I know this is not easy, especially in the Romanian Baptist Community.  However, in my opinion, one of the qualities of a godly leader, is that he knows how to retire and prepare someone else for leadership (e.g. Moses and Joshua).

As I am writing this, I can think of at least three Romanian Baptist Churches (and there aren’t that many) where because the senior pastor did not (or does not) know how to retire, and because no wise preparations have been made by the leadership of the churches (so I am including the elders in this critique), the churches have split (or are about  to split) and they do not seem to have any sensible plan for transition.

I hope that we can learn even in this case from John Piper and his church.  There certainly is a lot to learn.

With love for Romanians and the Romanian Baptist Churches!

The “Small-Town Mullah,” the “Saints,” and Liberty

I don’t write much these days, but there are some articles that leave you speechless – to say the least. Here  is Maureen Dowd accusing Rick Santorum of religious fanaticism, and praising the classical liberal agenda.

Rick Santorum is called “a small-town mullah” because he is personally against contraceptives and of course he is pro-life (among others).  Read the article for yourself.

According to Dowd, “Virginia’s Republican governor, Bob McDonnell… also wants to drag women back into a cave.”  That is because he wants to pass a bill that requires “women seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound…an invasion that anti-abortion groups hope would shame some women into changing their minds once they saw or heard about traits of the fetus.”


Dr. Roger R. Nicole – In Memoriam

The great Reformed-Baptist theologian Dr. Roger R. Nicole died at 95 in Longwood, Florida. He was professor emeritus at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary where he taught for 41 years (unfortunately before I got there L).

Even though he never wrote a book (I was very surprised when I read that), he is a considered a “theological giant.”

Here is a memoriam on the Gordon-Conwell website. And here Carson, Keller, and Dever remember Roger Nicole.

I quote the comments of Timothy George and J.I Packer from Justin Taylor‘s blog.

“Roger Nicole is one of European Christianity’s greatest gifts to the American church. His role in the shaping of American evangelical theology in the latter half of the twentieth century was enormous and deserves to be better known.”

A few years ago Packer was able to summarize Roger Nicole in a sentence:

“Awesome for brain power, learning, and wisdom; endlessly patient and courteous in his gentle geniality; and beloved by a multitude as pastor, mentor, and friend.”


On NOBEL Prizes: Obama, Müller, Palin

As a Romanian-American, I am happy that Romanian-born Hertha Müller won the Nobel prize for Literature.

Now I would like to read her books, especially the ones written in Romania.  She was born about 50 km from where I was born.

As a Romanian- American I am puzzled that Obama won the Nobel prize for Peace.

The following quote from Bill Kristol captures something of both of these events rather well – :):):

News flash — Sarah Palin will be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. No one has read her book yet, but there are a lot of people who are excited about it and inspired by the thought of it, and so they will retract the prize from that Romanian and give it to her.”

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.  After all – I am really happy that Hertha won it! 🙂


Prominent Abortion Provider Killed in Church

A sad thing happened (and it is all over the news) yesterday when Tiller, a prominent provider of late term abortions, was gunned down in his church on Sunday.

See this interview with Tiller on FOXnews. This interview gives considerable support to the accusations brought against Tiller and justify his nickname “Tiller the baby killer.”


Hallelujah English Ministry – The New Website

Our new website is being set up.  You can find us now here.

Please let us know if you have any comments/suggestions, or if you would like to help out with the design etc.

The sermons (both audio and video) can be accessed by going to the SERMONS section.  We hope to be able to post some of the previous sermons too, but this will take some time.

Many blessings and grace to all the members of the congregation.

Pastor Chris


This is the information that I promised on Sunday.  I hope that most of you will be able to make it.  Feel free to fast on this day as suggested by Pastor Steve, and following the tradition of the Church.

A special Good Friday service sponsored by AIM (Association of International Ministries) will take place on Friday (March 21st) at 7:00 PM.  The main speaker will be Chaplain James King, and the service will be held at Onnuri Church – Seobinggo Campus and the contact number is 793-5916.

More detailed information (including the map) can be found here (click on the link below):

Information About Good Friday Service

It would be great if most of you could join us and many other English speaking believers from the Seoul area.  Plan to read the Passion sections in one of the Gospels and spend this week in meditation and prayer. 

We also hope to see you on Sunday to celebrate the joy of the Resurrection.

 Blessings and grace,

Pastor Chris