Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the voice of His Servant?


EASTER 2010 (Passover)

Another Easter is approaching, and sometimes it is difficult for pastors and teachers to preach and teach with wisdom, passion and integrity during these  most important times in the Christan calendar.

After all – we have all preached on the cross and resurrection before.

How can our hearts be kindled again to preach and teach with passion?



I started (yet) a new website. It is called Preaching Genesis.

The idea is to use this site as an aid for those who preach through Genesis and do not have access to some of the resources that I do.

I have been preaching through Genesis for a few years now (I am in chapter 22), and I enjoy very much the learning process (I hope the congregation does too :)).  I will gradually post my notes and slides, when I find the time to do it.

Since it is a bit easier for me, I will probably post some of my most recent files first (like Genesis 22).

I hope to receive some comments, illustrations, and other ideas on preaching from this great and foundational book of the Bible.



A Procedure for Exegesis

I am posting this for the benefit of students of Hebrew exegesis.

I received it from my brother, and it seems to belong to Kenneth Matthews.

I hope that it is useful to all who take a look at it.