Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the voice of His Servant?

HEM Bible Study – The Holy Spirit

I am glad to hear (from Scott) that the Bible study at HEM is going forward very well.  (It seems that it is going on better without me 🙂 – Praise the Lord).  Our small group is studying the book of Jerry Bridges Growing Your Faith.  Here is an excellent update from Scott Moulton:

.hmmessage P { margin:0px; padding:0px } body.hmmessage { FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY:Tahoma } Hope this note finds you guys in good spirits and health.  Another week has passed at HEM and our study.  We covered chapter four (“The Holy Spirit”) and were blessed with candid, Bible-centered converation.  There was a lot to cover in this chapter and to be honest I thought we would get bogged down with a lot of the theological terms (ie. monergism, synergism, regeneration, sactification etc…).  That wasn’t the case.  Everyone seemed to have done their homework and came ready to participate.  Since this book seems concerned chiefly for Christians who have already been regenerated, we focused on sactification as the “carrying out” or “continuation” of regeneration.  Bridges states that he prefers the term “transformation” or “spiritual growth” and I agree with him.  I also prefer the word “awakening” to regeneration.  This is not to say that regeneration is gradual or that our heart of stone is replaced with one of flesh over time, it just seems to manifest itself that way (at least for many).  Some people wake up immediately and the gifts of sanctification follow promptly.  For others, it is a sluggish, groggy process – much like waking up after a deep sleep.  Perhaps that’s even why some believe we can lose Grace.  Not true.  But Bridges’ central lesson here is that sanctification is never complete on earth.  We can never make ourselves fully “offerable” to the Lord before we die.  Only he can give us rigteousness now and perfection in his image later.  It is our goal to use our time here in preparation for our marriage to Christ.  We should use Grace-given efforts to glorify our Lord and to live as godly as we can in eager anticipation of this union.  We should challege ourselves to not sleep-walk through sanctification and to free-load on Grace, but rather to seize every moment we can to pay grateful homage to our Lord and to teach others of Christ’s perfection.  I pray that I can justify my justification to myself and to others through my life here in Him.

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