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Reading the Bible with the Reformers – Timothy George

Even though I was raised in a Romanian Baptist family without any access to the church fathers or the reformers (it was under communism when Christian literature was very scarce), I was attracted toward them from the very beginning.  While many of the church fathers are usually associated with the Orthodox Church which was understood as being (mostly) dead in Romania when I grew up as a Baptist, there is no doubt in my mind that many of the writings of the church fathers are still very useful for the church.  After all, the Holy Spirit has a history, and to read the Bible with the church fathers, the Reformers, and the Puritans is like having a bible study across the centuries.


2010 European Christian Book of the Year

It is nice to see that evangelical Romanians are “coming of age”, and that both Baptists and Pentecostals are looking back to try to uncover the people who collaborated with the Secret Police (securitate) from within their own ranks.

The Baptists (Daniel Mitrofan) published a few years ago Pigmei and Uriasi [Dwarfs and Giants], and the Pentecostals (Vasilica Croitor) just published Rascumpararea Memoriei [The Redemption of Memory].

While I have not read any of these books (I only read about them), both books ruffled a lot of feathers. For that I am not surprised.

It seems (again from second hand info) that the Pentecostal book is more balanced and fair. In any case, congratulations to Vasilica Croitor for winning the 2010 European Christian Book of the Year.

I assume that it is a pretty good book if it won this award and I hope to read both of them someday to learn from both the dwarfs and the giants!

12 Romanian Women in Korea

The WOGA conference is starting today in Seoul, South Korea (see http://www.wogakorea.org/for info).  By God’s grace, 12 Romanian women were invited to come and made the trip here.  They arrived yesterday after 20+ hours of traveling (or 40? – some took the train to Bucharest).  They made it to their place of lodging (after some misses – the bus driver had a hard time finding the right place :), and they ate Korean food (some perhaps for the first time?).  Most of them liked the food (the kimchi was too spicy for most), but the hunger may have played a role too (?).

In any case – they are here, and they are open to learn from the speakers, and from each other.  It is a wonderful opportunity for all of them to get to know some of the Christian sisters from other places (there are women here from over 70 countries), and to be able to pray for those who are persecuted and restricted in their service for Christ.  It is – I believe – a time to learn to be humble, and to serve in communion with other saints, through prayer, encouragement etc.

I am posting this, to encourage these 12 women, and perhaps others, to share their thoughts about this coference with each other and with the loved ones at home.  Thus, this may become an English/Romanian conversation (?).  Blessings and peace to all! Psalm 133