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Dr. Roger R. Nicole – In Memoriam

The great Reformed-Baptist theologian Dr. Roger R. Nicole died at 95 in Longwood, Florida. He was professor emeritus at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary where he taught for 41 years (unfortunately before I got there L).

Even though he never wrote a book (I was very surprised when I read that), he is a considered a “theological giant.”

Here is a memoriam on the Gordon-Conwell website. And here Carson, Keller, and Dever remember Roger Nicole.

I quote the comments of Timothy George and J.I Packer from Justin Taylor‘s blog.

“Roger Nicole is one of European Christianity’s greatest gifts to the American church. His role in the shaping of American evangelical theology in the latter half of the twentieth century was enormous and deserves to be better known.”

A few years ago Packer was able to summarize Roger Nicole in a sentence:

“Awesome for brain power, learning, and wisdom; endlessly patient and courteous in his gentle geniality; and beloved by a multitude as pastor, mentor, and friend.”