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A Great Offer From LOGOS

Thanks to  Philip Sumpter, I found out about a new offer from LOGOS.

Without his permission (though I am sure he would not mind), I post his message below.

LOGOS has come up with yet another mouth watering pre-pub offer which just makes me yearn … for money to be able to afford it all! This time its a large section of the so-called Continental Commentary Series, though I’m not entirely sure why it’s called “continental” and not just “German” (does “German” critical scholarship raise too many negative associations?).

So anyway, it costs $300 dollars instead of the Logos sale price of $600. If there is a random philanthropist out there looking for a budding Old Testament scholar to support, leave a note in the comments and I’ll send you my back details.

I especially like his last sentence, though I doubt that too many random philanthropists are roaming around, especially these days! 🙂