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A New Website for My Beloved Hebrew Students

Due to my boundless love (chesed) for my Hebrew students I decided to start another website.  It is called One Proverb a Day and it is found here.

The intention is to provide 366 proverbs in Hebrew for students to read and memorize [YES – memorize!].  Also – I will provide notes on grammar and pronunciation, and some basic comments on the content (mostly based on Waltke and Bridges).

Because I do not know how to deal with the Hebrew well (help anyone?) in wordpress, all the files will be available for download in PDF form.  Those versions should be much better than what appears in the wordpress website!

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments, and if you would like to contribute to this project!



Many students of Hebrew have a hard time distinguishing between a daggesh forte (which doubles a consonant) and a daggesh lene (which is there to help with pronunciation).

This explanation should help those interested.  It is not the best, but it should help.


Fall 2009 and Hebrew Poetry

The fall semester is drawing to a close here at Torch Trinity. Given the situation, I do have a bit of time to return to blogging.

Many good posts have been posted out there. As usually when I try to catch up with the good stuff in the field of Old Testament and Hebrew, I went to John Hobbins’ website.

It is well worth taking a look at his post dealing with key definitions in ancient Hebrew poetry.

I am also looking forward to read and comment on his post on diachrony in ancient Hebrew.


Some Useful New Sites and Resources

Thanks to John Hobbins (see Hebrew Poetry under Blogroll) I discovered some really good new blogs. His complete list is here.

I will mention one that I especially like. It is called BALSHANUT , and John calls it “a top-notch Biblical Hebrew blog by Pete Bekins.” I agree with him. You will find there some useful summaries of articles relevant for Biblical Hebrew and Linguistics.

I also found this surprising website which gives access to an Akkadian dictionary. It is maintained by Association Assyrophile de France. The website is found here .

I think this website will prove useful to anybody who needs a quick look for cognates of various Hebrew words. Many times it lists the Proto-Semitic word and also other Semitic cognates. Note for example the definition for ṣalmu:

black, dark

Cf. ṣalāmu

See also : adru, daʾmu

Comparison with other Semitic languages :

* Proto-Semitic : *ẓalm
* Arabic : ẓalām ظَلاَم «blackness»
* Ugaritic : ẓlmt «blackness»
* Ge’ez : ṣalma

What is even more amazing is the fact that the Oriental Institute (from University of Chicago) has started to digitize all of its publications and make them available for free online. Chris Brady has a list of all their publications already available.  The list is very impressive.  The CAD (Chicago Assyrian Dictionary) can be downloaded here.