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Jason Meyer to Succeed John Piper vs. Romanian Baptist Churches

Many of you know that I esteem and I learned very much from John Piper.  The fact that his church, together with him, seem to have a solid plan for transition enhances my esteem for this brother in Christ.

See the following posts on the transition at Bethlehem:one, two, and three. The second post has a clip with Jason Meyer preaching. And here is his CV.  From what I have read, he seems like an excellent choice.  I guess my own regret is that they continue with an NT major and not with an OT! 🙂

From reading some of these posts it is amazing to see how well the transition is being planned and the attitude of the ‘retiring’ John Piper.

I say amazed because I come from a tradition (Romanian Baptist) where these kinds of transitions and attitudes from older pastors are almost entirely missing.  In fact, I can think of only one Romanian Baptist Church with well-known pastors where the transition has been smooth (the one in Los Angeles/La Habra).

I know this is not easy, especially in the Romanian Baptist Community.  However, in my opinion, one of the qualities of a godly leader, is that he knows how to retire and prepare someone else for leadership (e.g. Moses and Joshua).

As I am writing this, I can think of at least three Romanian Baptist Churches (and there aren’t that many) where because the senior pastor did not (or does not) know how to retire, and because no wise preparations have been made by the leadership of the churches (so I am including the elders in this critique), the churches have split (or are about  to split) and they do not seem to have any sensible plan for transition.

I hope that we can learn even in this case from John Piper and his church.  There certainly is a lot to learn.

With love for Romanians and the Romanian Baptist Churches!

2 responses

  1. voicu

    Interesting! Yes, the Romanian Baptists (in Romania & diaspora) arent known for “letting go”.
    I like the Moses > Joshua comparison, with all its limitations 😉
    The main one being that ONE leader passes the baton to ONE leader; I read a very different “passing on” in the NT, the context of “many”!!!! The word “pastor” appears in the NT in SINGULAR only in reference to Christ; all other times it is in PLURAL.
    So with all the respect to such a wonderful attittude in Piper the NT example should be our “modus operandi”

    March 29, 2012 at 2:48 pm

  2. Sorry for the delay Voicu. As you know – Piper is a Baptist, and so am I.
    However – I tend to prefer the Presbyterian model for church leadership – just as you seem to do.

    Piper can be considered one of the elders at Bethlehem – the one in charge of preaching and vision. So, they are simply replacing one elder with another. I am not sure, but I assume that Meyer may be one of the elders already!?

    In any case – I have no doubt that it was never Piper leading the church, but rather Piper and the elders!

    April 6, 2012 at 8:16 pm

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