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The “Small-Town Mullah,” the “Saints,” and Liberty

I don’t write much these days, but there are some articles that leave you speechless – to say the least. Here  is Maureen Dowd accusing Rick Santorum of religious fanaticism, and praising the classical liberal agenda.

Rick Santorum is called “a small-town mullah” because he is personally against contraceptives and of course he is pro-life (among others).  Read the article for yourself.

According to Dowd, “Virginia’s Republican governor, Bob McDonnell… also wants to drag women back into a cave.”  That is because he wants to pass a bill that requires “women seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound…an invasion that anti-abortion groups hope would shame some women into changing their minds once they saw or heard about traits of the fetus.”

Wow –  most commentators say in their response to her article  – that would mean bringing us into the 12th century, is fanaticism etc.  The commentators are overwhelmingly in her favor.

How can these people be so “close-minded” and oppose abortion, even shame a woman into changing her mind once she saw or heard her future child???  Don’t they sound like the “taliban”?

Well – let’s think for a moment.  These are good questions, but it always helps to put things in perspective and think about the most innocent and helpless in all of these situations.  Especially now that we see the fruits of the sexual revolution – with most births of women under 30 being outside of marriage .  (Yes – I do believe that the best explanation for this situation is found in the “sexual revolution,” and it would be nice if the liberal elite would face the facts for once and recognize that “he who sows the wind will reap the whirlwind.” But I don’t expect this to happen anytime soon :().

Meanwhile – who is suffering? You guessed it.  It is the children! “The shift is affecting children’s lives. Researchers have consistently found that children born outside marriage face elevated risks of falling into poverty, failing in school or suffering emotional and behavioral problems.”

You would think that given the fruits of the liberal revolution, people would become more sober and realize that “liberty” is not everything.  That there are other things, and especially people (most of the times the weakest and most innocent) to be taken into consideration.  But liberty/freedom is idolized.  And the problem is that all idols fall and disappoint.

Don’t misunderstand me.  Liberty is great.  The problem is when you make it into an idol!  Anything (and we usually make the good things into idols) that you make into an idol (except God) is bound to fall and will fall.  And it will leave you disappointed, to say the least.  The fashion these days – is of course freedom/liberty, and in the name of “personal freedom” almost anything is permissible. And the results/fruits of these attitudes are becoming ever more visible.

“The most famous statue in the US is the Statue of Liberty.  Many Americans are unaware that the image atop the base is the Roman goddess LIBERTAS.  NOW – we may not worship this goddess in the traditional manner.  BUT – is it not too much to say that our radical allegiance to SELF and INDEPENDENCE is idolatrous worship, nor that such worship manifests itself in extravagant offerings of money spent and relationships sacrificed – even the sacrifice of the UNBORN.  And if we worship FREEDOM, we may become the personification of Libertas, unable to experience healthy dependence on God and others, even as others find they cannot depend on us.  FREEDOM can ironically ENSLAVE us, crippling our service to God and others.”

Dear liberal friends: please think about the children!!! Please think about the innocent and helpless!  Your choices have consequences, and even if you feel that they sometimes “free” you, many times will make the life of a child much harder, and even kill him/her.

SANTORUM and his kin are called religious fanatics and Santorum is labeled a “small-town mullah” for his opposition to contraception and abortion.  Considering that the the policies of the liberal elite are responsible for the murder of more than 25 million young women, what does that make the liberals? SAINTS?  I will let you be the judge.

The reality is that if you put things in perspective and you have the courage to look in the mirror and see where the enlightened liberal policies have led – the murder of millions of helpless children, and the raising of many others in poverty and dysfunctional families – you begin to realize that compared to “small-town mullah” Santorum, the liberals are worst than the Nazis, and I can prove it!  [I realize that this will incense many people, but I honestly do not know how to put this nicely.  And I don’t think I should!]

Again – it is a matter of perspective.  The Nazis killed only 6 million people.  The liberal policies have killed 25 million women… and counting! Or don’t the little women count when we talk about suffering and liberty?

Maureen Dowd – please fill in the blanks: It is acceptable to kill a little girl when…

NOTE: When these issues are discussed, the liberals usually bring the sexual abuse by the priests etc.  Fair enough.  There were more than 10,000 children abused by the priests only in the USA (between 1950 and 2002).  Shame on them.  But again – let’s put things in perspective (it always helps).  The number is much smaller than 25 million and (and this is a very important ‘and’) the Catholic Church and (most of) the priests would be the first ones to recognize that molesting innocent/helpless children is wrong.

The liberal elite, however, murders helpless children in cold blood, call it good (liberating), and calls the ones who try shame the women who want to commit abortion “fanatics.”  Hmm…something is wrong!!! Something is terribly wrong.  And no – it is not Rick Santorum.

P.S. I am not a Catholic.

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