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Life in Korea – Hospital Days (Part 2)

After a couple of days I was moved in the same room with 4 young guys (19 to 24 years old). They were all fairly athletic, which makes sense because this is a sports hospital. One physical therapist bragged that Park Chu-Young was here last month. Some of the doctors here have photos around the hospital with various famous Korean athletes (Park Ji-Sung etc.). At least one of them seems to be (or to have been) associated with the Korean soccer team.

What surprised me very much in this room was the almost complete lack of communication between patients. I can understand the lack of communication with me because of the language barrier (and perhaps also because of the age difference). But I was surprised to see that almost nobody was communicating in this hospital room.

This lack of communication became most evident when we watched Korea-Australia in Asian Cup 2011. While at that time almost everyone in the room watched the game and people cheered when Korea scored (it ended 1-1), again – there was almost a complete lack of communication.

This is a bit shocking to me, because in a Romanian hospital (I have never been in an American hospital) the patients would probably play chess, backgammon etc…And if there was an important football game, you can bet that they would argue about the line-up, the refs, the coach (in Romania every soccer fan is a better coach than the national coach J) etc.

Now – this is an orthopedic hospital and almost all of us are limping (a few had hand surgeries), so I can see how it would be difficult to play games. But not to argue during an important soccer game, or at least discuss the game, is very very surprising.

Some explanations from my friends:

  1. We were all too drugged! I suppose this is possible, but we weren’t that badly drugged after a few days.
  2. They were all expecting for me to open the discussion because I was the oldest!?
  3. ???

In any case – thank God that people are very friendly here, even if it is in a very silent kind of way! J

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