Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the voice of His Servant?

Charles Bridges on Wisdom Literature – Proverbs 8

I love Charles Bridges on Proverbs and Ecclesiastes . They are true classics.

Of course – his understanding of Wisdom is fully Christological. The following is an excellent example from Proverbs 8.

LISTEN we now to the calls of heavenly Wisdom—to the voice of the Son of God.*  Careless soul!  shall thy Divine call be slighted, when the allurements of sin and vanity have had power to arrest thine ear?†

Can ignorance be pleaded? Doth not wisdom cry? and that—not in the hour of darkness, and in the secret corners, but in the high places—the paths of the city—the doors of thy house? Has she not followed thee to thy places of business—of diversion—of sin?

Has she not put forth her voice in the Bible—in the family—in the preached Word?


The loudness–the perseverance of the cry betokens earnestness in thy friend, and danger in thy condition. For would she have cried so loud, or continued so long, if she had not loved thy soul; if she had not known the wrath that was hanging over thee—the hell that was before thee?

The call is unfettered; not to devils, but to men: not to the right-eous, but to the sons of men. Every child, therefore, of guilty Adam has his name in the warrant. It is the proclamation of the Gospel “to every creature.” (Mark, xvi. 15.)

Wherever the word reaches, the offer is made. Wherever a lost sinner be found on this side of the grave, the free welcome of the Gospel meets him. If he be not saved, he is more lost than ever. His ruin lies at his own door. (Matt. xxiii. 37.)


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