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On David and Solomon

It has been an interesting year (or so) for archaeology in the Holy Land. ┬áThe minimalists must be quite depressed. ­čśŽ

I will list only three major stories that are quite supportive (to say the least) of the Biblical record with its description of the Davidic and Solomonic times:

1) The excavations at Khirbet Qeiyafa of Yosef Garfinkel from Hebrew University.
2) The excavations of Thomas Levy (from my good old school UCSD) in Jordan at Khirbat en-Nahas (which I visited last year – photos later).
3) And the latest on a possible Solomonic temple in Jerusalem is found here.

As it could be expected – there are plenty of archaeologists who question the conclusions of these excavators and are cautious to make any connections with the Biblical record. ┬áThis is not surprising, and final conclusions are still to be drawn.

However – one cannot help but think that ‘minimalists’ have not had a good year.

Once again – lack of evidence is NOT evidence of absence!