Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the voice of His Servant?

Which Tribe Are You In?

I just listened to a very useful podcast from Michael Duduit.

It is an interview with George Barna about one of his latest books: The Seven Faith Tribes: Who They Are, What They Believe, and Why They Matter.

The tribe of most concern to me (as a teacher and pastor) is the Christian one (the rest are of secondary interest).  Unfortunately, the Christian tribe is split in two: the casual Christians (67%) and the “captive Christians” (only 16%).  The former group consists of Christians “who would not cross the street” to share the gospel with an unbeliever.  It is a group which “is not excited about sharing their religious belief…”  They do not create their lifestyle around their faith, rather let their faith “sip into their lifestyle.”

Wow.  What a challenge (weighty errand – to use Spurgeon’s expression) for pastors who stand up in their churches every week and preach to a large percentage of “casual Christians.” The goal must be to get the casual Christians become “captive Christians” (these are Christians who are really serious and knowledgable about their faith).  These are the ones “caricatured in the media, for whom their faith is everything.”

But who is adequate for this task?  No one.  Apart from the grace of God and the power of the Spirit we have no chance of success!  How great is the need for prayer before preaching and reaching out!  Please pray for your pastor, he needs a lot of help from above!

Which tribe are you from?  Listen to this podcast (if you don’t buy the book).  It may be eye opening!

“Evangelical Christian researcher Barna believes that a U.S. in which self-interest has overtaken shared interests is spiraling toward self-destruction but that it’s not too late for the country to reinvent itself. He clearly states, however, that this book doesn’t aim to convert anyone to his religious views; indeed, he insists it is crucial for Christians to work with non-Christians. From analyzing more than 30,000 interviews with U.S. adults, Barna has determined that Americans, while belonging to more than 200 different religious affiliations, belong to just seven faith tribes: casual Christians (67 percent); captive Christians (16 percent); Jews (2 percent); Mormons (1.5 percent); pantheists, mostly Eastern religions (1.5 percent); Muslims (less than 1 percent); and skeptics, including atheists and agnostics (11 percent). Barna profiles each group’s religious beliefs, political perspectives, and self-conceptions. A chapter on the media is especially provocative, since Barna considers media exposure America’s most widespread and serious addiction. Barna’s prospective call to action will upset some and please others while remaining fascinating, important, and worthy of reflection by all its readers.” –June Sawyers

May God help all of us be “captive Christians” – the ones who know about their faith and are evangelistic!

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