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Creation and Evolution

The more I read articles related to evolution, the more puzzled and amused I become.  Here is a recent article on a new Burmese fossil from Foxnews. The article is a series of contradictions by world-leading scientists about what they actually found. I will let you read it. I find it very funny, because they do not seem to agree on anything! How surprising!

I use this post, however, to point my readers to this excellent site about creation and evolution. It is written by people who have a much better understanding of the issues related to biology (my critique and reading of the  article mentioned above is simply that of a college educated reader with no expertize in biology – I assume that is the intended audience).

The people at CREV are really well read, they know what they are talking about, and they are very funny. I find their analysis of every current issue related to creation and evolution excellent. Enjoy! I would be surprised if they do not comment soon on the Burmese fossils.

P.S. Does anyone have a list (or a link) to certain things about evolution, like things that are not disputed and ‘everybody’ agrees on? I would like to take a look at that.

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  1. Here is the thing about evolution that is not disputed among scientists:

    There is no doubt, in a very very high percent, that evolution DID happen. They may disagree on certain details about how and when but certainly they do not doubt that it is real.

    Well, not to be mean, I think there are other things they agree, like the general outline of the theory: common ancestor for all life, common ancestry for ape and man etc.

    Other good resources (from a creation perspective) are creation.com and answersingenesis.org.

    July 5, 2009 at 2:24 pm

    • Thanks Vasile. I know those resources and some of the people there.

      July 22, 2009 at 4:12 am

  2. catalina

    What scientists agree when they support evolution is that there seems to be a PATTERN OF ORGANIZATION in the living animals. This pattern of organization is corelated in mammals with supplemetary abilities that reflect a nervous system that is structured in steps of increased complexity.The complexity of the basic anatomical unit (the cell, however, merely changes, in fact the functional complexity of a cell or even less of an enzyme (ok, even less of a protein !)is beyond comprehension.We begin to understand how proteins (most things are made of proteins) interact with each other and we can follow them troughout the body , but we do not understand how they do it and consequently we cannot reproduce the effects.The complexity of a cell is the same in a fruit fly, as it is in a rat and as it is in a human. In actual fact these animals (fruit flies and rats) have been and still are excellent models of study with results that are directly applicable to humans (we cant use humans for ethical reasons).Almost all we know about our cognitive abilities (eg learning and memory) comes from studies on fruit flies and rats. The first gene and the genome, you will be surprised, has been discovered on the same fruit fly. You and me have almost the same genome as the fruit fly and rat (85%)! Therefore, microscopicaly the complexity of all living organisms is the same. Going back to the pattern of organization that scientists have appropriately noticed in animals, that I have talked about in the beginning- I believe this is a very inteligent aspect that is obvious thoughout the universe. It makes everything blend together (it would be funny to just have ant, elephants and humans on earth) and when talking specifically about creation it made perfect practical sense for a creator (an artist) to use ‘left over clay’ from the previous day work unto the next one (and next animal created)and so on.If microscopically the complexity is the same troughout the animal world, you can justly argue that macroscpically this is not the case. In mammals this is a reflection, as I said of a nervous system that is organised differently and it is true, more complex in some animals then in others with most complex structure in the human being.
    I have just completed my masters in Neuroscience and have throughout been very dissapointed at the innability of my teachers (prestigeous researchers) to explain the most fundamental aspects in the brain -a synapse-why it does what it does and how.We get lost in wonder when we come to things like consciousness and thoughts and feelings…and the more we study the less we understand.
    There is a lot to say (and debate) about how things are ORGANIZED, but when we come to FUNCTION we are lost in words, because even in the smalest things alive as well as in the biggest ones everything has the signature of perfection. However you move (by micron) in the body -to the left or tothe right- if it was just sligly less or more it wouldnt work.
    All scientist know this very well, but the reason they dont acknowledge God as creator is because there is more to this.It goes on from creation thought the reality of a Bible that they fear. Help us dear God, master of all that we see and lover of our souls to understand that you created us so amazingly perfectly for a purpose-to live eternity in sweet communion with you.

    July 5, 2009 at 8:01 pm

    • Thanks a lot Catalina. I guess you have been studying hard lately. That is great!
      I appreciate your comments very much.

      Many blessings,

      July 22, 2009 at 4:13 am

  3. David Young

    If you want one single online source for replies to creationism from people qualified to give them, go to http://www.talkorigins.org.

    CREV, answersingenesis, the Discovery Institute, Fox News, the ICR, or some tuppence-ha’penny blog full of ‘Here’s what I don’t understand about evolution’ lack something called ‘evidence’ and ‘peer-reviewed scientific papers’.

    Simply saying that you don’t understand something, and neither do some other people who have appeared somewhere in the news, does not make that something any less true.

    In all the years that I spent in the Christian church before I became an atheist, I never encountered a more dishonest area of Christian anything than the creationist movement. When I look at all the practices of the many different versions of Christianity in the world today, Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant, I still see no greater example of pathological dishonesty than in the Christians who promote the creationist (and calling it ‘Intelligent Design’ doesn’t change the fact that it is just creationism) cause.

    In fact, one of the two lines of enquiry which led me out of Christianity was just how natural it was for so many Christians to lie so blatantly when the ends (a possible convert) were considered to justify the means (falsification and misrepresentation of published data).

    September 24, 2012 at 10:32 am

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