Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the voice of His Servant?

A New Movie – Calling

I post a message received from our dean JS Lee:

“I would like to share a precious information with you. It is about a documentary movie called, “Calling 소명” which is about a Korean missionary couple. This movie is playing at selected theaters only for a limited time, so I wish you make time to watch this touching story of a Korean missionary couple whose commitment and sacrifice for a small tribe in Amazon area are quite extraordinary. You can find more information at http://blog.paran.com/calling2009 I know Apgujung CGV plays this until May 6, but only once a day. However, 중앙시네마 (near 명동성당) plays several times a day until May 10 (maybe even after that, but I don’t know). I think it would be good to share this information with our students, your church members, and of course your family and friends. This way we may contribute a bit to Christian film makers.”

I hope to go and see it.  You should try to see it too!

Pastor Chris

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