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For Your Prayer List – Add Hugh Hefner

Well, well, well – I never thought that I would add Hugh to my prayer list (though it is clear that he needs it more than most).

The infamous Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy etc., was actually raised in a good Methodist home.  The rest is history.

Hugh is one of those famous stars who seems to remain perennially immature, and has not figured out yet (though he is 83) that “he can get no satisfaction” (he has tried plenty] from human beings (aka “playmates”) regardless of the size of their breasts.

Having said that, there seems to an awakening in his soul.  There seems to be a longing in his heart to meet the only superstar that really counts and can satisfy.  Thus, he recently said (check out Foxnews):

“[I’d] like to find out what [Jesus Christ] was all about,” he added. “Separate the reality from mythology. Find out the roots of what has become a major religion of my time. I was raised in a good Methodist home and I had questions about organized religion, and I would love to have the answers.”

Let’s pray for Hugh that he meets the real Jesus Christ.  For it is only the real Jesus Christ who can change his life and really satisfy his heart!

The article for his quote is here: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,518219,00.html

2 responses

  1. Wow I just googled pray for hugh hefner because I just posted a blog about him today….its good news to hear that there are other people are doing this too!! I didint even know about that quote on fox news too! K here is a copy of my blog that I wrote tonight and posted on myspace.

    Well nothing is impossible with God right!! Well, especially if He puts it in a human’s heart. Well here it is, lately I have been praying for Hugh Hefner and his playboy company to shut down because Hugh is going to be touched by God!! I am hoping that one day before he dies Hugh will wake up and basically realize in his heart that playboy isn’t right in not only Gods eyes but its not good for us people either. I mean I know it sounds weird but I really am going to ask God to speak to Him and open up his eyes, I have had a dream about this before I had a vision that I was at the mansion to tell Hugh Heffner about God and I could just see Hugh in tears I don’t know why I get these dreams but there in full color and so realistic even when I wake up I can still remember the details like Hugh’s face in tears with his head down…I just think it would be an amazing miracle and the many people of the world are going to see it on fox news or something you know!! I can see it now… “The Playboy Rebel has Seen Jesus and is shutting down playboy to be free with Christ!!” I am also praying for Crystal Harris she is someone who is open hearted and open minded towards the goodness of life’s meanings so I just know God will speak to her soon. Also the twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon, I was looking at there MySpace a few months ago and it says that there Christian and that there hero is Jesus Christ there Lord and Savior. Now that is a really motivating thing to hear I know there not living it but no matter what they are Two believers of God in the mansion! Well this was personal to share but its one of the things that I have had a dream about recently. And just to let you know you don’t have to be perfect to pray because we all know, no one is perfect but all can be touched by God….even in the playboy mansion.

    September 24, 2009 at 7:01 am

  2. Sorry for the delay, and thanks for reminding me to pray for Hugh!
    May God have mercy on him and may He increase our faith!

    October 5, 2009 at 2:16 am

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