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Archive for February 10, 2009

The Study of the Septuagint (LXX)

A great post on the importance of studying the Septuagint by Tyler Williams can be found here.

And  John Hobbins reminds us of the famous advice of Professor Hitzig:

“Meine Herren! Haben sie eine Septuaginta? Wenn nicht, so verkaufen Sie Alles, was Sie haben und kaufen Sie eine Septuaginta!

Gentlemen! Do you have a Septuagint? If not, sell all that you have, and go, buy yourself a Septuagint!”

There is not much to add to this, except the exciting news that there is a very new translation of the Septuagint by Alberta Pietersma and Benjamin G. Wright.  You can buy it from Amazon for only $24.

Speaking for myself – I know this is a project that I have been postponing for a while: reading the Septuagint daily until I can read it once every year.  It may take a few good years to get to that level of profieciency, but miracles are possible :).

Meanwhile, I am looking for a good Septuagint grammar, though I think I will start with the introduction of Pietersma and Hobbes ( see here) which I already have.  I did have a great chance to buy a brand new LXX from Jordan (at the Bible Society close to the first circle) for only about $30 (it does not sell very well there 😦 ).  Unfortunately – my luggage was already over the limit and I already had to leave some of my books in Jordan… I hope to get them to Korea one of these days…?