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Why is Judaism Obsessed with Details?

I received this letter from a friend.  I post it with no comments. 

You can also find it on www. wordpress.rabbinics.com

Why is Judaism Obsessed With Details?

by Rabbi Aron Moss


Why does the Jewish religion seem to obsess over insignificant details? How much matzah do we have to

eat; which spoon did I use for milk and which for meat; what is the right way to tie my shoelaces…. It

seems to me that this misses the bigger picture by focusing on minutiae. Is this nitpicking what Jews call

spirituality? No wonder most Jews are turned off from our weird religion.

(I actually sent you this question a long time ago and didn’t receive a reply. Could it be that you have

finally been asked a question that you can’t answer, or are you simply one of those smug rabbis who

couldn’t care less about other people’s questions and feelings?)


I never claimed to have all the answers. There are many questions that are beyond me. But it happens to

be that I did answer your question, and you did get the answer. I sent a reply to your question

immediately. The fact that you didn’t receive it, is itself the answer to your question.

You see, I sent you a reply, but I wrote your email address leaving out the “dot” before the “com.” I

figured that you should still receive the email, because after all, it is only one little dot missing. I mean

come on, it’s not as if I wrote the wrong name or something drastic like that! Would anyone be so nitpicky

as to differentiate between “yahoocom” and “yahoo.com”? Isn’t it a bit ridiculous that you didn’t get my

email just because of a little dot?

No, it’s not ridiculous. Because the dot is not just a dot. It represents something. That dot has meaning

far beyond the pixels on the screen that form it. To me, it may seem insignificant, but that is simply due

to my ignorance of the ways of the web. All I know is that with the dot, the message gets to the right

destination; without it, the message is lost to oblivion.

Jewish practices have infinite depth. Each nuance and detail contains a world of symbolism. And every dot

counts. When they are performed with precision, a spiritual vibration is emailed throughout the universe,

all the way to G-d’s inbox.

If you want to understand the symbolism of the dot, study I.T.

If you want to understand the symbolism of Judaism, study it.

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