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Back in ME – ARAD etc

Happy New Year to all the readers!  And I hope that you all had a blessed Christmas.

I am back in Jordan after a fairly long trip to Romania and Israel.  I spent Christmas with my family in Gurahont (near Arad, Romania).  Unfortunately, I did not get much rest because I had to preach (only 4-5 times) and (more time consuming) I had to finish some articles for a Bible dictionary.

They were due on December 31st…and you guessed, I did email them on that date.  Thank God that Romania is 10 hours ahead of US – so I had the extra time :):)

Isaiah is having a lot of fun in Romania (with all those animals around the house and in the neighborhood).  Animals that appear only on TV in Seoul and in the States, are everyday occurance in Romania…He seems to love it there…not to mention that he gets a lot of attention and SWEETS…for which he must be restrained, because he would eat candies (he calls them ‘bonbon’) all day!!! And the grandparents are more than happy (and others) to give him an unlimited supply of sweets 😦

The coming baby seems to be doing fine; he is beginning to move, and the medical check ups are fine.  Ica’s sister (Neli), unfortunately, had another miscarriage. Thanks for the prayers.  She is fine now.

It was nice to go back to my hometown (Resita, SW of Romania), to preach in the churches that split (intentionally and peacefully) from the church in which I grew up ( See http://sperantaresita.org/  and http://www.resitabaptista.ro/site/ – for more details).

I was happy to see the churches growing and the pastors passionate in their ministry.  I also saw my relatives and my best friend Mihaita.  Mihaita has a daughter (a bit younger than Isaiah), and will have a boy in March…so we will have children (God willing) of comparable age.  Praise the Lord!  He seems to be doing well in Romania.

On the way back to Jordan I stopped to see my friend from Hebrew-Union College (and my Martial Arts instructor while I was there) Eldon Clem.  He works with an organization  –  The Olive Branch Institute – (in Arad, ISRAEL) which seeks to reconcile Arabs and Israelis, and also helps refugees (especially from Sudan).

It was great spending time with his family during the Shabbat and singing all those Hebrew songs.  This guy is an inspiration.  I felt like a grasshopper compared to this Semitic ‘giant.’  He reads the Hebrew Bible twice a year, and one more time in another Semitic language!!!  I must read mine AT LEAST ONCE a year in Hebrew (So help me God)…cause in Ethiopic it may take a while 🙂
Our visit to Tel Arad was wonderful, and his explanations and hospitality were great…Maybe I will post some pics from Arad.

Back ‘home’ – in Jordan – I am teaching Hebrew II (almost 5 hours a day) and I enjoy the time with the students here (one from US, one Palestinian, one Jordanian, and one from Iraq)…I also hope to do some research while I am waiting for Yobo and Isaiah.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support.  We are all looking forward to come back to Korea and to see you all.  I hope to write more soon.

Blessings and JOY,

Pastor Chris

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