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Treasury of Sacred Poetry – A Hymn of Heavenly Love

I am currently reading a few books.  One of them is Jesus Made in America , by Stephen Nichols.  I like it so far (I am on the chapter on Puritan Jesus).

He discusses in this chapter two Puritans: Edward Taylor and Jonathan Edwards.  The first one is less known, but seems to have been an impressive teacher/preacher and also a poet (his poems were discovered at YALE only in the past century).  I hope to read some day his poems on Christ.

In an slightly related matter – CCEL (Christian Classics Ethereal Library) has recently posted  Treasury of Sacred Poetry .  Here is an inspiring excerpt from E Spenser (A Hymn on Heavenly Love):


Back in ME – ARAD etc

Happy New Year to all the readers!  And I hope that you all had a blessed Christmas.

I am back in Jordan after a fairly long trip to Romania and Israel.  I spent Christmas with my family in Gurahont (near Arad, Romania).  Unfortunately, I did not get much rest because I had to preach (only 4-5 times) and (more time consuming) I had to finish some articles for a Bible dictionary.

They were due on December 31st…and you guessed, I did email them on that date.  Thank God that Romania is 10 hours ahead of US – so I had the extra time :):)