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Learning from Hollywood – Keep Moving FORWARD

That is right.  You read correctly.  This post is about learning from Hollywood, especially from the comments of Art Linson who has teamed up with De Niro for a spoof on Hollywood (“What Just Happened).  The interview with both of them can be found here on CNN.  The movie is a satire dishing the dirt on the highs and lows of Hollyood based on Linson’s book “Bitter Hollywood Tales From the Front Line.”  The book details the experiences of AL as a movie produced (“The Fight Club,” “Into the Wild” etc.).

What struck me in this interview was the comment by Linson about the courage and determination to succeed in Hollywood (my emphasis):

“I think the courage of it at all, is to watch all these people who are profoundly successful and desperate, at the same time, to hang on. Their courage is that they keep going forward no matter how bad it gets. And, so, from my point of view, that’s the thing I think I appreciate about people in Hollywood the most. I always like their courage. No matter how many times they get hit over the head with a hammer, no matter how many times they get thrown in front of traffic, they keep coming out like everything is fine.”

The whole quote is worth pondering, but I am especially impressed by the section I underlined: “…they keep going forward no matter how bad it gets.” WOW.  Such courage and determination from some people to succeed in Hollywood and to get a “crown” and fame that will soon fade away.

How much more Christians (and especially PASTORS – many of whom quit so easily these days) should keep hanging on and ‘keep going forward no matter how bad it gets’????  After all – our journey and fight is not for a crown/fame that fades.  I have to say it with sadness – many times the courage and drive in Hollywood puts me to shame.

I suppose that one reason that I like Wisdom Literature is that it does have an international flavor and is willing to learn (even borrow?) from a wide variety of people and and nations.  The Old Testament does speak highly about the wisdom of other people/nations (Ethan the Ezrahite, Egyptians etc.), despite the fact that some people have a problem with that. 

Now I understand this better.  After all – I just learned an important lesson from HOLLYWOOD!!!

Blessings and grace,

Pastor Chris

One response

  1. Daniel Berry

    Whaddya know…a lesson from Hollywood. Hope to see you back soon, Chris!

    December 4, 2008 at 5:50 am

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