Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the voice of His Servant?

Back from ETS and SBL

I finally made it back to Amman, with a few more books and a lot less money.  There were many memorable moments during this trip – I will mention here only some highlights. 

I did get to meet John Piper.  That is right – I briefly shook his hand as he was browsing at ETS through the Christian Focus publications.  The conversation was brief (I kind of froze 😦 ), but it is still something to brag about. 🙂

We also had a wonderful dinner at ETS with (most of?) the Romanians present there.  I got the pleasure to meet Sorin Sabou (El-Roi Romanian Baptist Church in Chicago) and Adonis Vidu (Gordon-Conwell).  I also enjoyed the time with ‘older’ friends: Emil Bartos, George Hancock Stefan, and Radu Gheorghita. 

On the way back from DC to London (maybe that is why my flight was delayed 24 hrs??) I met Allan Millard (Rankin Professor Emeritus of Hebrew and Semitic Languages at the U of Liverpool) and his wife in the airport.  It was great to chat a bit with him, and even to get a promise that he may visit us if we extend him an invitation.  I will certainly take this up with the leadership of TTGST.

I did buy many books and I started reading The God I Don’t Understand – by Christopher J H Wright.  It seems challenging and deep, and I hope to post some comments along this book, and perhaps write a later review for Torch Journal.  Please watch for updates on this.

It was great to see Steve Chang and HS Choi.  We actually roomed together in Boston.  Besides the usual snoring and Steve’s constant getting up in the middle of the night (he had a hard time adjusting to the time change) – it was nice to spend some time with these Christian brothers, including the lunch at Vinny’s (?).

Steve is back in Korea enjoying his turkey with the Hallelujah English fellowship (I wish I was there), while HS Choi is back in Atlanta enjoying his sabbatical (what is left of it). 

I am back in Jordan preparing for my courses and for  a short trip to Israel.  Praise the Lord – my family is doing great … and we are expecting a second child sometimes in July (?).  We are excited- and we pray that God will make this one a wonderful creature too (Psalm 139). 

Blessings and grace to all,

Pastor Chris

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