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Will Sarah Palin Rock?

Well – finally McCain has made his choice for a VP.  It came as a surprise to me and to most American people, but it seems to me that this woman has potential.  Most understand his choice either as a “stroke of genius,” or as a foolish mistake.  Only time will tell.

A few things are sure so far: the conservative base has been energized, and this is no small thing.  Even though the DNC convention was just finished, there was no significant spike in Obama’s popularity (CNN puts him basically even with McCain) – and this is unusual considering his very good speech and the fact that the Republican convention is yet to start.  Perhaps McCain’s timely announcement had an excellent effect by stealing the spotlight from the democrats.  But – back to Sarah Palin.

Of course – given Palin’s record – one of the most frequent objections (which came to my mind too) is: Is she ready to take over if McCain dies.  This is a valid and worthy objection for this choice, and many (perhaps most) are wondering about this.  In this context, with so many democrats making fun of this choice, her experience and education, I would like to point out the following things: