Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the voice of His Servant?

Remember Those Who Are in Chains – Orissa

I come from a country where Christians were once (not too long ago) persecuted.  In fact – one of the most famous Christians (Jewish too) who was persecuted for Christ is Richard Wurmbrand.  After he was released from prison (really ‘bought/ransomed’ by Norwegian Christians) he founded Jesus to the Communist World (now this is VOM – Voice of Martyrs), an organization that is still working to help “those who are in chains” throughout the whole world.

I am writing this brief message because I just received the news that there is serious violence in Orissa, India.  One of our students sent the following message:

Dear Professor

Please pray for the safety of my father, family and church because the situation  is very severe now. No one can come out of house it is again very worse. As I called home they are very much threatened, they need our prayers. Many churches and christian houses were burnt.

More details about the persecution and burnings in that area can be found here .  Three people were killed in fresh violence and “a large number of houses and churches were torched by irate mob in several areas including Nuagaon, Raikia, Udaygiri, Phiringia and Baliguda, police said.”

For one of the latest updates from Gospel from Asia check out:


In these trying times for our brothers in India, let’s not forget to weep with those who weep, remember those who are suffering, and pray for them.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bring SHALOM and Salvation to India.  It is a great country that all of us should love.

Pastor Chris

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