Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the voice of His Servant?

Alister McGrath in Korea

Professor Alister McGrath was invited by a Methodist school from Seoul to give a series of lectures on spirituality and on his book The Dawkins Delusion. I was able to catch only his lecture on spirituality: “A Comparative Study Between the Spirituality of John Calvin and Johe Wesley.”

The lecture was read by McGrath and translated in Korean by one of the professors there.

He had a relatively brief comparative account of the spirituality of Calvin and Wesley in which he tried “to note points of convergence and divergence, and explore something of their implications.” McGrath concluded that “these two writers have much to offer us in the way of resources, encouragement, challenge, and criticism. They are part of the rich heritage of the Christian past, which is at the disposal of the church of today. I hope that we shall continue to listen to them, and learn from them.”

Here is a picture with Professor McGrath lecturing:

Here is a picture with him falling asleep during the response session (I am sure because of the jet lag :)):

And here is a picture with some of the faculty present there (including me – the ‘white’ guy :):)):

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