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Stop Bible Giveaways (in Louisiana Schools) ?

Sometimes I feel back at home in Romania. That is the land where I was born and where I grew up in a communist and largely atheistic society. However, I was brought up as a Christian (thanks to my parents, grandparents etc).

Of course – being a communist/atheistic society – you could/should not bring your Bible to school. You could read it at home (if you were blessed enough to have access to one – most of them were smuggled into the country), but you could not even dream about bringing it to school or giving a Bible to someone else, for you probably would have landed in jail.

Today I felt like I was back in my childhood days (ok – I AM exaggerating :)) after I read this piece of news: here.

A judge in Louisiana “ordered a public school system to stop allowing in-school Bible giveaways, saying the practice violates the First Amendment separation of church and state.”

I wonder if he would stop the giveaway of condoms…at least in Romania, they would have banned both!

The world is certainly changing and it is happening in unpredictable ways. While in Romania you can now freely hand out Bibles all over the place, in Louisiana it violates the separation of church and state (though it is not the state giving away the Bibles and it is not a particular Church which distributes them).

Who knows – maybe we will soon see Bibles given away for free in Muslim countries, while in the land of the free our hands will be tied behind your back…?

3 responses

  1. David Young

    I bet if I went into your church and gave away small pieces of paper with http://www.talkorigins.org written on them it would not take long before someone asked me to stop.

    September 24, 2012 at 10:18 am

    • Perhaps that will happen in a few churches. Hard to say.
      However, you are welcome to my church and I do not think you will be stopped! 🙂

      September 25, 2012 at 12:02 am

  2. David Young

    My point is that nobody is stopping anyone from giving Bibles away in Louisiana. It just so happens that it is not permitted in state-funded schools, so the Bible-donors would need to distribute elsewhere. I’m allowed to give away vacuum-sealed packs of bacon for free if I so wish, but the people in charge of the local synagogue are permitted to bar me from doing so on their territory. To make a comparison between Louisiana schools and Romania under communism is a false parallel, and sloppy thinking.

    September 26, 2012 at 12:03 pm

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