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David Noel Freedman 1922 – 2008

As I was checking the SBL site (looking for a review of Keel’s book on Song of Songs) I found out that David Noel Freedman died.  It is sad news, but I believe (and hope) that he died as a Christian (?).

David Noel Freedman was my professor while I studied Computer Science at UCSD.  Few know that my first major (my B.S.) was Computer Science. 


Opening Weekend for “Expelled”

Well – after much praise and (perhaps) much  more criticism, “EXPELLED” opened in theaters (c. 1000) throughout USA.  Here is how it did at the box office:

“Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” a rare documentary opening in wide release, debuted at No. 9 with $3.1 million. Released by Rocky Mountain Pictures, the film features Ben Stein as he challenges Darwinian theories that prevail in academic circles and suggests that life could have emerged through intelligent design.”