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Advice for Stinginess

Some advice from Chofetz Chaim.  I also posted this at www.rabbinics.wordpress.com


One of the students became very wealthy after he was married.  But at the same time, he also became stingy.  The newly married wealthy man came to ask the Rabbi [Chofetz Chaim]: “why have I become so stingy and what advise can you offer me for this predicament?”



The Chofetz Chaim answered him with a parable.  A man came into a store to purchase flour.  He wanted to buy it cheaply, but he took a sack and began to pour more flour into it.  He filled it up with much more than he intended.  The store-keeper, naturally added more weight (to the scale) in accordance to the weight of the flower.  In the end, the buyer had to pay much more than he intended.


The Chofetz Chaim said to him, “When you became rich you should have contributed more to charity, and the trouble was that your Evil Inclination also became greater and it did not allow you even to give what you once contributed.


“The advice to counter this condition is to give and to give, and more promptly and in greater amounts.  Just as one who wants to enter a cold mikvah should jump in and not hesitate and think about it too much.”


The general rule is that a donor merits more that a receiver.  So, too, did our Sages say, “The good deed that the poor person does for the donor is greater than that which the donor does for the poor person.”


Jesus also said: It is more blessed to give… (Acts 20:35).

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