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Wow – You Can Teach the Bible in USA

Wow – sometimes I almost feel like I am back in communist Romania.  At least that is how I felt when I read that the Texas Board of Education approved an elective Bible course for High School (see the link below).  Is this supposed to me a major breakthrough? 

When I grew up in Romania you were barely allowed to teach the Bible in Churces.  After the fall of communism – it became an elective in most schools (as far as I know).  I guess that Texas now follows in the same direction.

Frankly – I do not see why some have any objection to the teaching of this course.  After all – the course is clearly elective.  If you do not want to take it – you can go to the gym!

Then again – in a country where “the separation between church and state” is used in many cases to limit religion to one’s private bedroom (as if religion is not an integral part of one’s whole life), perhaps this is a breakthrough.  The Bible is back in (s0me) schools.  Of course – only if you want to study it.  And that is the way it should be. 


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