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I Don’t Believe in Atheists

Here is an article worth reading…It is sure to annoy both Atheists and Christian fundamentalists…


I especially like this passage:



Click on this for picture: DALK-GALBI in Yong-in City

One question (which always makes me smile) that I get once in a while from my friends in the west sounds like this: “What do you guys eat there?” Ha – that is a good question, and the short answer is: basically the same thing that I ate in the States. Considering the South Korea is a very advanced (and Seoul is a fairly cosmopolitan city) country and there is a COSTCO (= with a METRO in Romania) five minutes from work, I can basically eat anything I want. It is true that Feta cheese is much more expansive and hard to find, and that western food is in general more expensive that in the west, but it is possible to find.

All these being said, I must say that we also eat KOREAN food. YES – Korean food is spicier than Romanian food, but there are many dishes that we enjoy. A favorite dish (for both of us) is Dalk-Galbi. Here is another picture: