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Some new blogs

Thank God Steve Chang is back.  He is the senior pastor in our English Ministry and his Sabbatical at Princeton Theological Seminary is over.  So I am happy – I am not so sure about him – after almost 8 months of “rest”… he may not be ready yet for some real work.   😦

School started yesterday – and I am teaching some exciting courses:  Hebrew, Rabbinic Hebrew and Exegesis of Song of Songs.  And since I have so much time in my hands (because Steve is back and I am teaching only 3 courses – THANK GOD!) – I decided to start two more blogs.  I started them with some long range plans.

 The intention is for these blogs to contain useful information for anyone interested in studying:

1) Rabbinic Literature and Rabbinic Hebrew – www.rabbinics.wordpress.com


2) The book Song of Songs (or Songs of Solomon) – www.songofsongs.com

No – I do NOT have too much time in my hands, but thanks to Steve’s return, my lovely wife’s help (she does most of the work – at least the nice work), and the help of present and future students – I hope that these sites will be useful to many in the near and not so near future.

Feel free to enjoy and help enhance these sites.  SHALOM!

3 responses

  1. miyon chung

    dear chris and ica,

    how are you?
    how is isaiah? i never got to answer your email about your blog. i am sorry it came when i could not check my mails regularly. i enjoy your site. please keep up the good work.
    i regret that i did not get to see you before i left. but i am sure that maria is giving you an excellent testimony about our trips.
    she is great!!
    i will write again and keep you updated on what is going on.



    We are fine Miyon. Thanks a lot for writing and visiting my site.
    Indeed – Maria has told us about the mission trip.
    We are happy that this Romanian lady has been able to go with you on these mission trips to Cambodia and India.
    Thanks for your support in this matter. I hope that you have a great Sabbatical.

    Many blessings and JOY,

    March 6, 2008 at 9:41 pm

  2. Watchman

    Hi Dr. Rata.

    Sorry I wasn’t there on Tuesday. This week has been insane with the work for my job, and I ended up sleeping through my alarm. I am deeply sorry about this.

    I did find a series of sermons on the Song of Songs that you might find interesting, however. It is a series on romance and marriage, and I found the series on Youtube. I don’t have the specific address for it at the moment, but I will let you know this Tuesday. See you then!!

    March 28, 2008 at 1:50 pm

  3. WATCHMAN…don’t forget to…BE WATCHFUL :):)

    Just pray hard and prepare for next time.

    Many blessings and grace,

    March 28, 2008 at 2:04 pm

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