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Archive for February 21, 2008

EXPELLED – Living with a New Kind of Fear

Of course everybody heard about Galileo Galilei.  The poor fellow (who actually remained a devoted Christian to the end of his life) was denounced as a heretic by the church of Rome, even though he was right about the planets revolving around the sun and not the earth.  It was a kind of ‘sacred cow’ at that time that everything revolved around the earth…to succeed and stay respectable, one had to go with the flow.

What much fewer people know and believe is that a similar phenomenon (but in reverse) is taking place in our free and enlightened 21st century society.  Only today the sacred cow is Darwinism.  If you dare to question it and try to publish something that undermines this theory – you will end up being a ‘heretic.’ 

To be sure – it is a new kind of heretic.  It is not one that will have to fear the excommunication of the church, but one that will have to fear EXPULSION from the “tolerant and loving” academic community.

Tolerant and loving if you do not touch their sacred cows – in this case the theory of evolution.  Well – a new movie is coming out which documents this development.

More information about this movie is given below (and the link to the trailer of the movie).  It will surprise you.  And if you happen to question evolution – prepare to be “excommunicated”.  Only this time is not the church, it is the academic clergy.