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Islam and Peace – Part III

I finished my article on The Concept of Peace in the Old Testament and Islam. I am not satisfied with it, especially the part about Islam. But I had to meet a deadline (pushed back a few times already) – so I turned it in the way it was. The complete article can be found under ARTICLES.

Is Islam a religion of peace? I will let you be the judge of that.

The main term for peace in Hebrew and the Old Testament is the well-known term shalom. The equivalent term in Arabic is salam.They are cognates (both languages are Semitic). And interestingly enough – they both cover a rather similar “range of meaning” which has to do with wholenessness, well-being, peace, and welfare.

Both terms are used in greetings (so they can simply mean: “How are you?”), are the opposite of war, and they seem to be connected with prosperity and safety. The main differences have to do with how that shalom/salam is achieved.